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Two friends define their terms & talk stories. Narrative analysis through the lens of the Sorting Hat Chats personality taxonomy system (, inspired by the Harry Potter Houses.

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Sorting Gideon & Harrow the Ninth

Oct 27 • 49:18

We sort Gideon the Ninth and Harrow the Ninth, the first two installments of Tamsyn Muir's trilogy about some lesbian space nun necromancers stuck in puzzle-box murder mysteries. We're eagerly awaiting book three, which will prove all our sortings wrong, probably. ...

Sorting She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (SPOP)

Aug 23 • 51:17

Let's chat about Bow & Glimmer's similarities in their sortings, and why it leads to such a disastrous break between them in the penultimate season; about why Catra has a hard time understanding Adora's decisions and loyalties in a new context; about how Adora puts her faith in powers external to her (her battle plans, her sword) when the real She-Ra lives inside her. ...

Sorting Avatar the Last Airbender

Jul 16 • 59:59

This episode includes: Zuko and Katara as narrative foils -- similar characters with similar motivations and methods who start out on opposite sides of the same war; Toph, Aang, and Azula as characters with the same slippery, easy-breezy, adaptively powerful Secondary; Sokka as a rare Ravenclaw & how his and Katara's sortings & models interact with the gendered roles of th...

Sorting The Untamed

Jun 14 • 01:04:22

Sorting Howl's Moving Castle

May 13 • 49:56

What does it mean to give your heart to a falling star? Is Sophie building a community or attracting an army? Why is Howl so much more unhappy in the movie? We discuss and sort the characters of Howl's Moving Castle-- both Diana Wynne Jones's book and Miyazaki's animated film. ...

Sorting The Good Place

Apr 4 • 52:05

Sorting The Witcher

Feb 28 • 45:56

What Is Sorting Hat Chats? / Sorting the Hunger Games

Feb 27 • 35:18

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