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The Smart Communications Podcast

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The Smart Communications Podcast helps busy nonprofit leaders build their communications skills and develop their organization’s voice. Every episode shares insights and practical tips to help you leverage strategic communications to advance your nonprofit’s mission.

Popular episodes

Episode 100: How can nonprofits apply the principles of Emergent Strategy to their communications?

Nov 17 • 38:26

Episode 99: Who should be on your communications team?

Nov 3 • 22:27

Episode 98: How can you build inclusive processes in branding and beyond?

Oct 20 • 15:50

Episode 97: How nonprofit communications have changed over the years

Oct 8 • 26:34

Episode 96: How can you use donor personas to guide your communications?

Sep 23 • 19:25

How can you use donor personas to guide your communications? At Big Duck, we define personas as tools that define a segment of your audience, who they are in connection to your work, what they care about, how to best reach them, where to find them, and more. Farra Trompeter chats with Mica Bevington, US director of communications and development at Humanity and Inclusion a...

Episode 95: Equity: How can we design organizations where everyone thrives?

Sep 8 • 17:52

Episode 94: How can you update an iconic brand?

Aug 26 • 20:59

Episode 93: What can a good tagline do for your nonprofit?

Aug 11 • 24:10

Ever wondered what a good tagline can do for your organization? In this episode of the Smart Communications Podcast, Farra Trompeter, partner and chief growth officer, discusses taglines, brand strategy, engaging community in your brand, social justice, and more with Chandra M. Hayslett, communications director, from the Center for Constitutional Rights and Ambar Mentor-T...

Episode 92: What’s the future of virtual events?

Jul 28 • 18:56

COVID-19 has changed everything and nonprofits have shifted how they offer programming and services from in-person to digital channels. Virtual events, galas, and conferences can help us connect and reach more people. How do we create experiences that are engaging and memorable? Chris Tuttle, founder and principal of TuttleCo, discusses the future of virtual events with F...

Episode 91: Why should you challenge urgency in your communications?

Jul 14 • 14:44

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