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Blog/cast of stories and lessons from a modern day muse. Sharing my story and the stories of others to inspire, intrigue and entertain.

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Let’s Talk About All of the Things: History-Implications on present & future interactions

Jul 17 • 15:06
Understanding the past cannot only teach us the essentials of building fundamental aspects of our individual personhood. It can navigate us through life experiences that imprint what we adopt as our moral and ethical beliefs, our life compass. What happens when we don’t get a full picture of history? Is learning bits and pieces an accurate representation of life in order f...

S. 3 Ep.1 Berry, Berry Fab & Fly

Feb 6 • 51:12
On this episode of The Silver Fox Journal Podcast, my guest Lacresha Berry (Berry & Co)-educator, spoken word artist, fashionista and so much more. We have a candid conversation about her multi-hyphenated approach to life, relationships, and her creative process.

Show note: We briefly discuss an article that outlines how sections of the United States have cultural differe...

Voice. Choice. Choose Wisely. Episode 2 Season 3

Oct 12 • 17:58

Episode 1 Season 3 What’s the word?

Sep 13 • 07:11

Elle Reconnected: Back on social media, so now what?

Dec 25 • 45:44
I disconnected from social media for a "tech renewal" and I'm glad I did! So now what?
This episode digs into what I learned and what's up next for social media. Enter TikTok and how the social media game will forever be changed.

Episode Notes: At 15:15 in the episode, I discuss different social media platforms and my experience with TikTok.

19:10 Learning Curve
20:23 Live br...

Elle Disconnected - My 30 Day Social Media Detox..kinda

Aug 15 • 16:11
My 30 day social media detox....well kinda. I mean, I blog and podcast. It is almost impossible to not use some form of social media. Better put, my 30 day personal social media detox. For the next thirty days, I will not use any type of social media app or website UNLESS it has anything to do with my brand (s). 1.5 weeks in....

Music backing track: Tom Misch - It Runs Thro...

The Brown BiPolar Bear: Losing My Sh!t

Jul 7 • 21:29
In the second installment of my talks surrounding living with Bipolar Disorder; I discuss different times during the journey of my life where I questioned if I was "losing my $h!t".... or maybe I was becoming aware of what my mental health in a way that I never had before. I found that through these scary, unsettling times; that the person I became on the other side of the...

The Brown BiPolar Bear

Mar 8 • 25:35
Hi, My name is Elle...and I have Bipolar II Disorder. Many people who have or know someone with a mental illness, are either afraid or uncomfortable with talking about it. My hope is to help change that, one listener at a time! In this episode I share my story as well as information and resources about Bipolar Disorder. For more information & Support check out:

National All...

The Childless Wonder

Dec 15 • 16:01

204-The Magic Number

Nov 29 • 15:53
Grab your sneakers and your workout clothes! Join me for a workout and the story of my health journey. I discuss what it took for me to move past unhealthy habits, thoughts and actions to a more holistic, centered view of myself and how I can thrive at anything I do. In the continual process of growth, sure I have work to do; but look at how FAR I have come! Are you ready?...

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