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The Signal is the ABC's daily news podcast that helps cut through the noise to cover the biggest stories, explaining not only what is happening but why. It's an entertaining 15-minute show, perfect for the daily commute.

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Why contraception in Australia is stalled

Dec 2 • 21:16

Can Scott Morrison end trolling?

Dec 1 • 19:38
Scott Morrison has a plan to end online trolling in Australia.

A draft of the Government bill released yesterday would force social media companies to keep a record of their users' real identity, as well as overturn a recent High Court decision that ruled social platforms are legally publishers, for defamation purposes.

So are those ideas any good?

And how would they work...

Parliament's shocking sexual harassment problem

Nov 30 • 21:58
Sexual harassment and bullying are rife within Australian federal politics.

That's the finding of a landmark report by the Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins, based on anonymous interviews with hundreds of people employed in parliamentary workplaces.

Kate Jenkins' inquiry was initiated back in February, when allegations came to light that former Liberal Party sta...

Everything we know about Omicron

Nov 29 • 21:53
The Omicron variant of COVID-19 was only named on Friday, but it's already notorious.

Even though there are still more questions about it than answers, the new variant is already wreaking havoc worldwide, as governments pre-emptively throw up borders and reintroduce restrictions in a bid to slow its spread.

So what do we know about Omicron for sure?

And among the known unk...

Are we ready for the next pandemic?

Nov 28 • 18:33
This pandemic is far from over, with scientists scrambling to get a handle on the Omicron variant as governments worldwide throw up hard borders.

Nevertheless, countries from around the world are already starting to prepare for the next one, with a meeting underway today to potentially thrash out a new pandemic treaty.

So what options are on the table?

And can the world's ...

Vaccinated, cured, or dead: Europe's fourth COVID wave

Nov 25 • 16:55
Vaccinated, cured, or dead: those are the three likely paths ahead for Germans, according to the country's Health Minister, as it prepares to plunge into pandemic winter.

Many European countries are currently in the grips of a brutal fourth wave of COVID-19.

It's so bad that Austria has just gone back into lockdown in an attempt to spare the country's already overwhelmed I...

Scott Morrison's revolting backbench

Nov 24 • 20:17
Religious discrimination, voter ID laws, a federal anti-corruption watchdog: Scott Morrison's end-of-year parliamentary to-do list is long.

So why is a group of the government's own parliamentarians trying to derail it with a fight over state vaccine rules?

Today on The Signal, why backbenchers are revolting, and what it might mean for the Morrison government's re-election...

Does Victoria have an illegal logging problem?

Nov 23 • 17:36
The Victorian Government's own logging business, VicForests, is facing new allegations of illegal logging.

In the past it's been found to have been clearing in protected areas -- including the habitat of endangered species.

This time, the allegations are to do with illegally clearing within the Melbourne catchment area in a way that scientists say could threaten the qualit...

Will Australia's harshest lockdowns protect the NT?

Nov 22 • 21:10
COVID-19 had been largely kept out of the Northern Territory, but in the past few days that changed.

Now, residents in a string of communities are living under some of the harshest lockdowns yet imposed in Australia, as the virus spreads in Katherine and across the outback.

So what went wrong?

Today on The Signal, we're examining how the virus spread in the NT, and asking ...

Imagining a post-coal Australia

Nov 21 • 18:11
The Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been talking up the future of the coal industry in the decades to come.

That's despite a COP26 promise to "phase down" coal, and frequent widespread predictions that market forces are already forcing coal into terminal decline.

So who's right?

Today on The Signal, the surprisingly bright future of mining in Australia.

How much more coa...

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