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Episode 217: Business Problem to Solve? Find out the Why

Dec 2 • 14:34

Are you dealing with problems in your organizations and wondering why you can’t solve them, or why you can’t solve them in a lasting way? Listen in to this excerpt from bbcon 2021 Virtual, where Sarah Beauregard, Senior Process Engineer at Blackbaud, discusses root cause analysis....

Episode 216: What You Need to Know about Corporate Philanthropy

Nov 18 • 19:53

What do social good organizations need to know about corporate philanthropy? In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Julia Beltran, partnership specialist from Double the Donation, to learn more about corporate giving programs and how to promote them. Listen to the episode to hear what Julia has to say about common types of corporate philanthropy, data points on matching gift...

Episode 215: Embracing New Volunteer Trends in a Virtual World

Nov 11 • 24:14

Volunteering is changing. Many volunteer opportunities went virtual because of the pandemic, and like other types of work, it may never look exactly like it did in a pre-pandemic world. So what does volunteering look like now? What resources are there for professionals in this space who want to learn more about how volunteering has changed and how to rise to those changes?...

Episode 214: The Keys to Online Donor Retention

Nov 4 • 24:51

Is donor retention different when the donor is acquired online? In this episode, you’ll learn more about ways to improve donor retention for online-acquired donors. Joining the podcast today is Rachel Clemens, Chief Marketing Officer of Mighty Citizen. Listen to today’s conversation to learn what Rachel thinks about building relationships between donors and organizations, ...

Episode 213: Highlights from Blackbaud Luminate Online Benchmark Report

Oct 28 • 30:08

The new Blackbaud Luminate Online Benchmark Report is out, and it has some significant differences from previous years. What are those differences, and what can you take away from this year’s report? Listen in to learn about when and where the biggest spikes occurred, how email engagement changed, and how data in the report is segmented. Joining the podcast today are Mike ...

Episode 212: Get Ready for GivingTuesday

Oct 21 • 23:23

We are now just a little more than a month from GivingTuesday is getting closer all the time, you don’t need to stress if your organization hasn’t yet developed its plan. Today, Blackbaud’s GivingTuesday experts Matt Connell and Jackie Zimmerman join the podcast to talk about the value of Giving Tuesday, how organizations can start planning now for a successful day, and th...

Episode 211: Tips for Visual Storytelling

Oct 8 • 26:19

Digital communications have become ever more important over the last year and a half, and visual storytelling is a critical part of an effective strategy. Visual images help supporters visualize and understand what the organizations are doing, and how their contributions make a difference....

Episode 210: Building Connections Between Finance & Development

Sep 23 • 24:52

How can finance and fundraising departments better work with each other? Why does it matter? Often, these disparate personalities find that working together feels chaotic, but it doesn’t need to be that way. In today’s episode, you’ll hear some ideas about how finance and development can build connections and better work together to support the mission....

Episode 209: Change for Good—Shifting from Passive CSR to Active Social Impact

Sep 2 • 33:51

Today, improving ESG (environmental, social, and governance) performance is no longer optional. People want to work for companies that are helping to change the world, consumers are making purchasing decisions based on how brands are solving social problems and addressing climate change and investors consider companies that are ESG laggards to be high-risk. Despite the imp...

Episode 208: Seismic Shifts in CSR: ACCP Data on COVID-19 and the Racial Justice Movement

Aug 26 • 21:11

What impact has COVID-19 and the racial justice movement had on corporate social responsibility (CSR)? The Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals (ACCP) partnered with Rocket Social Impact to research just that. Join Carolyn Berkowitz, President and CEO of ACCP, on today’s episode to learn all about it and what motivated their research....

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