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#321: Why Scientology Auditing is Destructive

Dec 4 • 49:41

Cult Recovery and the Stages of Grief

Nov 27 • 53:01

This week we suffered the death of our cat, Seven, and this brought about some reflections about the five stages of grief and how they relate to my cult recovery which I thought important enough to share. I hope you agree and I hope that sharing my experience might help others with theirs....

#319: Critical Thinking or Death! ft. Jon Atack

Nov 20 • 02:04:15

This week I welcome back Jon Atack for another wide-ranging and important conversation about “stupid people” joining cults, thought reform and “mind control”, sociology, critical thinking and a lot of commentary on what all this has to do with you and me. Enjoy!...

#318: Dealing with Cults ft. Jen Kiaba

Nov 13 • 01:58:46

This week I welcome Jen Kiaba, a woman who grew up in the Moonies, escaped and is now doing the same academic coercive control program I am doing at Salford. We have a very wide-ranging discussion about her own experience in the Moonies, how education has helped her in recovery and a lot more on coercive control. Enjoy!...

#317: Scientology "Leadership" Training

Nov 6 • 01:42:06

#316: The Rise of the Apostates (Academia vs. Former Cult Members)

Oct 30 • 57:08

This week is the beginning of a slightly new direction in my fight against cults and what may end up being a fight I continue into the future. That battle is against the outright refusal on the part of certain important social sciences and scholars to listen to or even consider the testimonials and information provided by former cult members such as myself, resulting in cu...

#315: Conspiracy Theories and Critical Thinking

Oct 16 • 01:33:24

This week I am joined by Ciprian Ivanof to discuss critical thinking and how it is that conspiracy theorists say they are using good critical thinking skills when they clearly are not. We dive into why this happens and what is going on in their heads. Enjoy!...

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #314: Navigating the Ex-Cult World

Oct 9 • 41:06

This week I took a break from interviews to discuss something important that I wish someone had talked to me about when I first got out of Scientology and which I’ve had to learn (as every other ex-cultists does) and that is navigating the world of the ex-cult community. It’s not for the faint of heart! I hope this podcast will help anyone who has ever felt estranged and a...

#313: Aaron Smith-Levin for Clearwater City Council!

Oct 2 • 55:30

This week, Aaron Smith-Levin joins us to discuss his race for Clearwater City Council and why he is doing it, as well as what he expects to accomplish. He is taking on the Church of Scientology in their own backyard and daring them to stop him. Enjoy!...

Sensibly Speaking #312: Scientology, Stress and cPTSD with Ciprian Ivanof

Sep 25 • 01:26:02

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