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The Secret Lives of Black Women


Join close friends Charla Lauriston and Lauren Domino on their hunt for the ‘secrets’ that have helped black women flourish through the bullsh*t. They connect with guests over shared experiences by wading through everything from sex and self-care to rage and anxiety. Each conversation centers onRead more

Popular episodes

36. We Interview: Each other!

May 28 • 42:52

35. Making Your Own Podcast With Stephanie Kariuki

May 21 • 42:16

Charla and Lauren get a lot of questions from listeners about how to sell a podcast. They might not have all the answers, but in this episode Stitcher Senior Producer Stephanie Kariuki comes on to share her words of wisdom for getting a project off the ground. She also throws in tips on finding work life balance and finessing all aspects of life with a self-starter attitude. ...

34. Learning The Real Meaning of Our Clothes With Tanisha Ford

May 14 • 54:17

We may recognize the political symbolism of an afro or a “future is female” shirt, but cultural historian Tanisha Ford sees a political meaning in nearly everything Black women wear--whether they’re trying to make a statement or not.  In this episode, she takes a step back to explain the origin stories of some of the most popular fashion items for Black women and girls. An...

33. Rethinking Gender With Raquel Willis

May 7 • 45:35

Growing up in Agusta County Georgia, Raquel Willis didn’t find the language for what was so different about her gender experience until young adulthood. But in just a few years since her gender transition, she’s become a leading thinker on gender politics and feminism with her journalism and non-profit work. In this episode, Raquel fills us in on how she became a key playe...

32. Decolonizing Climate Activism with Elsa Mengistu

Apr 30 • 47:29

Charla and Lauren are tired of environmentalism constantly being associated with white activists. This week 18-year-old climate justice organizer Elsa Mengistu (our future president) fills us in on what it’s been like to fight for the environment at Howard University and bring her race-conscious approach to the national stage. Her insights show there are big divides betwee...

31. Creating New Support Networks With Etta Fly

Apr 23 • 37:26

In this second installment of our two-parter on managing grief, Charla and Lauren talk with Detroit community leader Espy Thomas aka Etta Fly. She started her own grief management circle run out of her family’s sweet potato restaurant called “Where Do Black Women Go to Grieve?” And she’s here to discuss how she helped Black women in her community break through the cultural...

30. Confronting Grief With Keisha Wells

Apr 16 • 31:39

Black women are constantly exposed to death in our private lives and in the media, but we rarely talk about the process of grieving. Lauren has been grappling with her own grief for decades after losing her father at nine and Charla is hoping to learn new ways to support her loved ones through unfathomable losses. In this episode, they talk with licensed grief counselor Ke...

29. Creating Your Own Rituals With Ayanna Maia

Apr 9 • 47:46

These days it seems like everyone is trying to channel their inner spirituality or witchiness. Charla and Lauren have gotten increasingly curious about what new rituals they could develop on their own journeys, but there are so many traditions one could consider and so many ways to get scammed. In this episode, spiritual guide Ayanna Maia gives an inside-look at how she he...

28. Put Your Pussey On the Earth With Junauda Petrus

Apr 2 • 40:22

Lauren has been waiting for this episode since the day this podcast was conceived. This week we’re unpacking the increasingly popular lifestyle philosophy of pleasure activism. And we have queer fantasy book writer, performance artist, and self-proclaimed soul sweetener Junauda Petrus here to let us in on the magic. This episode is a meditation on the limitless potential o...

27. Pole Dancing with Dalijah Franklin

Mar 26 • 48:37

In the past few years pole dancing has become more visible than ever in movies, on social media, and at concerts for artists like Summer Walker and Lizzo. Charla and Lauren may have never tried pole dancing before, but they’re eager to learn why it’s become such a key vehicle for Black women’s joy and wellness today. In this episode, pole dancing instructor Dalijah Frankli...

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