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WandaVision: Fantastic, Flawed or Failure| Final Zack Snyder's Justice League Expectations

Mar 11 • 01:18:20

Find Cody Leach on YouTube:…kZ_zDZPRwDj--qoxm9cw...

WandaVision: Awesome or Awkward Start to Phase 4? New Trailers & More | Sean Chandler Podcast #30

Jan 21 • 01:15:43

This is the 30th episode of The Sean Chandler Podcast (I think).  This will be streamed live.  SuperChats will be responded to....

Massive Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, & Disney Announcements! Disney Investor Day 2020

Dec 15 • 01:23:20

This is the December episode of The Sean Chandler Podcast discussing the MASSIVE Marvel (MCU), Star Wars, Pixar, and Disney announcements from Disney Investor Day 2020....

Every WB 2021 Movie Will Release on HBO Max Same Day as Theaters

Dec 5 • 42:51

Deadpool 3 is Happening! New Writers Hired!

Nov 23 • 30:51

Jared Leto's Joker Joins Justice League | Podcast Update

Oct 22 • 42:20

Everything is Delayed! Theaters are Closing! Electro Returns! | The Sean Chandler Podcast #28

Oct 7 • 52:15

This is the 28th episode of The Sean Chandler Podcast...

MCU Delayed Again! | How Will 2020 Change the Film Industry? | The Sean Chandler Podcast #26

Sep 24 • 01:16:04

This is the 26th episode of The Sean Chandler Podcast...

Star Wars Sequels Had No Plan! Dune Trailer! Oscar Changes! | The Sean Chandler Podcast #25

Sep 10 • 01:00:16

Dune Trailer
Weekend BoxOffice
Oscars added diversity standards 
Dailey Ridley admits there was no plan
Borat 2 has already filmed ...

DC FanDome Full Breakdown | Movies, Games & More! The Sean Chandler Podcast #24

Aug 26 • 01:17:30

In this episode of the Sean Chandler Podcast we're going to talk all things DC Fandome....

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