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The SDR Chronicles with Morgan J Ingram


The SDR Chronicles provides motivation, tactics and skills for all aspects of your sales journey. Morgan is the Director of Execution and Evolution at JBarrows Sales Training, focusing on delivering to sales development teams to enhance their skill sets and performance. In his previous role, heRead more

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55/ SDR Career Progression In A Crowded Market w/Dallas Hogensen

Apr 13 • 36:05

Binge Growth, Not Netflix

Apr 2 • 02:57

How To Leverage The Leads That Follow Your Company Tab On LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Mar 17 • 06:34
This is the time to be innovative and think outside of the box. To remain diligent, I will be posting episodes on what I am currently doing to still build pipeline despite all of this mess. Today, I will be focusing on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and covering how to leverage the “Leads that follow my company page” tab. When it comes to building the pipeline, this has helped m...

054/ Sales Women in Tech w/Doreen Pernel

Mar 9 • 25:45

053/ How To Overcome A Noisy World To Get In Front Of Executive w/Adam Mavrikos

Feb 8 • 32:26
Adam is the VP of Sales at Toast where he is leading the SDR and Inside Sales team to help restaurants with their POS systems. In today's society, there is more noise now than ever. The goal in prospecting is to overcome that noise to convert meetings and build consistent pipeline. Adam talks about the tactics that his team takes to overcome that noise and consistently boo...

052/ How to Align Sales Rep Coaching and Forecasting w/Derek Edwards

Jan 31 • 24:40
Derek Edwards is the Senior Director of Sales at CloudFactory where he is leading a team of SDRs and AEs to help their clients with machine learning and agile data. Coaching should be something that is done on a day to day basis and not just when something is wrong. In this episode, we dive into the strategy that you need to have to do coaching properly with your reps and ...

I'm Back l The Reason I Left and Why I Am Coming Back

Jan 28 • 05:32
Its good to be back. After handling some adversity last year, I am back to consistently posting content on this channel to give you all the actionable tips that you all can leverage for success in your role. It was not enjoyable to walk away, but it was necessary for my growth. This episode dives into what I learned and how I am implementing those learnings moving forward....

Tell Em Thursday #1 w/Jack Neicho

Oct 10 • 14:13
This is a new segmentation that I am doing which is called Tell Em Thursday where I take a rep who has been through the training and interview them based on their experience. Also, we flip the tables back on the rep and have them answer some questions on what they are doing specially in their market that is leading to success. I have talked to a lot of reps about wanting m...

Tactical Tuesday - How To Organize Your Day As An A+ SDR

Sep 24 • 06:06
The SDR role is simple in reality, but few have the grit to carry forward.
So what does it take to be successful in the role? Being confident in your cold calls, sending relevant emails and building a list, keeping a positive attitude through rejection, and the willingness to keep going, searching, and never losing faith. In this episode, I talk about how I organize my day...

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