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The Screenwriting Life with Meg LeFauve and Lorien McKenna


Welcome to The Screenwriting Life. Join us as professional screenwriters, Meg LeFauve and Lorien McKenna, whose combined credits include writing and production on such films as Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur and Captain Marvel discuss the craft, journey and business of writing for the screen. FromRead more

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68 | Building The Emotional Fortitude To Be A Screenwriter

Nov 28 • 45:42

Beyond craft, one of the most important aspects of building your career is developing emotional agility to really excel through the rejection and feedback that accompanies the creative journey. Today we hear from some of our amazing guests to hear how THEY have navigated through the process. Enjoy!...

67 | Knowing When To Quit A Project (But Stay On The Path)

Nov 21 • 42:04

Putting a project in the desk drawer to start something new can feel like a betrayal, but sometimes it's the right step. How can we elegantly move on, but still stay loyal to our beautiful calling? We discuss it today!...

66 | Recognize The Difference Between Inclusion and Diversity In Your Writing w/ Monique Matthews

Nov 14 • 01:08:34

Monique N. Matthews is many things - a producer, a respected screenwriting professor, a social justice advocate, but mostly, she's a brilliant writer. Dive down the rabbit hole with Monique today, AND make sure to catch her feature "A Holiday In Harlem" TODAY (Sun, Nov 14) on Hallmark!!...

65 | Discussing The Work/Life Balance Of Screenwriting

Nov 7 • 01:01:31

One of the most frequent discussions in our business is the discussion around achieving a work/life balance. Things get personal as Meg, Lorien, and Jeff share their own complicated relationships with this conversation, and how can we stay MINDFUL of the big picture as we pursue our work....

64 | Balancing Characters, Humor, and Action w/ Nicole Perlman

Nov 1 • 01:05:42

Among many astounding achievements, Nicole Perlman wrote the first Guardians Of The Galaxy film, which many culture critics (and fans) consider to be one of the best franchises in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That film is lauded for it's uniquely irreverent tone and engaging characters, and Nicole offers MANY strategies to get our own writing there....

64 | LIVE From The Austin Film Festival: Story Workshop

Oct 24 • 01:13:03


62 | How To Find Truth in Comedy w/ Sam Bain

Oct 17 • 59:35
Sam Bain is one of our industry’s premiere comedy writers, having co-created multiple beloved sitcoms including the UK’s cult hit Peep Show. But today Sam reveals that the most important ingredients for comedy are truth and pain. Buckle up!


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61 | Writing Across Multiple Genres And Finding Your Voice w/ Sean Presant

Oct 11 • 01:04:05

Longtime TV vet Sean Presant has an eclectic resume includes features, shorts, and TV in ALL genres from multi-cam sitcoms, to reality competition, to prestige crime shows. So how has Sean managed such an impressively wide variety of work? Is it really possible for us to "pull that off?" Sean talks about the signature themes in our work, how they inform our voice, and how ...

60 | How To Break Into A TV Writer's Room w/ Stacy Rukeyser

Oct 3 • 01:09:49

If anyone knows her way around a writer's room, it's producer Stacy Rukeyser, who has worked at every level from staff writer, to creator/showrunner. Stacy has a fascinating perspective on how the culture of a TV writer's room has both remained steady and changed wildly in her nearly 25 years in the business. Buckle up!...

59 | LIVE From the London Screenwriter's Festival: Why Do We Write?

Sep 26 • 01:01:36

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