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The Scottish Clans Podcast

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Not just Scottish History, this podcast is about all things relating to the Scottish Clans.

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Episode 106 Tanistry vs. Primogeniture Pt 2

Dec 5 • 40:31

Right after releasing the last episode, I was able to acquire a copy of Alison Cathcart's "Kinship and Clientage: Highland Clanship 1451-1609."  It really helped me understand with more depth the factors involved in the succession to the chief of a Highland Clan.  Join me as I share what I learned....

Episode 105 Did the Highland Clans Ever Actually Use Tanistry?

Nov 11 • 32:42

In many descriptions of the Highland Clans, Tanistry is often given as the method used to decide succession among chiefs.  I have already done an episode describing this system.  In this episode, I relate my findings from a historical survey I did with seven Highland/Hebridean clans to see whether this system was employed or whether primogeniture was more common.  I traced...

Episode 104 The Magical Fairy Flag of the MacLeods Pt 2 and Clan Maps

Oct 20 • 26:02

Episode 103 The Magical Fairy Flag of the MacLeods

Oct 4 • 23:50

In the same vein as the last episode on the Brahan Seer, we dive into some clan folklore.  This time we're with the MacLeods and their Fairy Flag.  Was it a gift to a chief from a fairy lover or a souvenir from the Crusades?  Has it really saved MacLeod lives in battle?  This is the first of a two-part project.  Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify as well....

Episode 104 The Brahan Seer: A Mackenzie Prophet

Sep 3 • 24:01

We're taking a bit of a turn in the world of the clans by getting into folklore with this episode.  Coinneach Odhar got a supernatural start to his supernatural abilities.  Or was he even real?  This is also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify....

Episode 103 The Battle of Glen Affric:The Mackenzies vs the Rosses...kind of

Aug 18 • 26:34

A little-known episode in the Jacobite story, the Battle of Glenn Affric was the result of differing views regarding who had the authority to collect rents in Mackenzie territory and where that rent should be sent.  Join me to see how it went!  Also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify....

Episode 102 The Chisholms! 5 Interesting Things

Aug 1 • 24:28

The Chisholm's started in the Scottish Borders but through advantageous marriages became established in the Highlands.  After a couple of generations, they would have been indistinguishable from the native Gaels who had been there for hundreds of years before.  Let's look at a few of the things that make this clan worth getting to know....

Episode 101 The Cameron War Cry!

Jul 6 • 15:46

EPISODE 100! The Murrays: All For One and One For All

Jun 20 • 33:56

What can we learn about Scottish Clans by reading a  bond signed by several branches of the Murrays in 1586?  Join me and see.  The Murrays were what I refer to as a Frontier Clan.  We'll look at two bonds, one signed in 1586 and another in 1598, which contain material that I believe helps us understand the kin-based society in Scotland.  Thanks for joining me for my 100th...

Episode 99 The Bloodiest Border Clan Battle: The Battle of Dryfe Sands Pt 3: What We Can Learn

Jun 3 • 23:10

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