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Uncover the stories, perspectives, and best practices around leading Sales Engineering programs and people. We'll share stories alongside a roster of all-star guests, hosted by Conor Meng, Solutions Engineer at Twilio, and Alex Navarrete, Solutions Engineer at Slack. Audience is for SEs, SERead more

Popular episodes

#10 - Hiring SEs: A Recruiting Perspective with Snowflake Sr Recruiter Jessica Andrelevich

Nov 18 • 44:05

In this episode, Snowflake Sr. Recruiter Jessica Andrelevich shares a behind the scenes look into tech recruiting and what you can do to stand out. Jessica has been exclusively hiring SEs for over five years. We’ll also cover how to have compensation conversations, work with recruiters better and much more....

#9 - The AE/SE Partnership: An AE Perspective from Slack AE Kendra Searle

Oct 5 • 52:32

In this episode, Slack Sr. Account Executive Kendra Searle shares how to build an incredibly strong AE/SE partnership. We’ll also cover how to build trust and an operating model, how to take ownership, how to deepen empathy for your AE partner, how to resolve tensions that arise in the sales cycle, and how to prioritize your most strategic opportunities. ...

#8 - Thriving as a Remote SE with Josh Kanakaratnam from Zendesk and Matt Wright from Lever

Sep 16 • 54:17

In this episode, Zendesk Sr. Solutions Consultant Josh Kanakaratnan and Lever Solutions Engineer Matt Wright (also founders of the SEs of Toronto organization), share insights on how to thrive as a remote SE. We’ll also cover specific advice and best practices for onboarding and executing day to day SE activities as a remote SE. These insights and this conversation are inc...

#7 - SE Innovation and Collaboration from GitHub SE Cory Dobson

Aug 26 • 44:22

In this episode, Github Principal SE, Cory Dobson, shares best practices on how their team innovates, how they share knowledge, and how the SEs can help grow the account footprint. You’ll also learn: How Github leverages SEs, how Github innovates on internal projects, and how they leverage Twitch streams and live demo days. ...

#6 - SE Career Paths: Product Manager Edition from Google Cloud PM Mark Church

Aug 6 • 41:16

In this episode, we speak with Google Product Manager Mark Church about how he navigated being a SE to now PM. You’ll also learn: Step by step how he actually made that transition to being a product manager. How can you stand out and build relationships with stakeholders while interviewing. What advice he has for SEs interacting with Product and Engineering teams....

#5 - Qualities of a Great SE Manager from Google Leader Liz Raschke

Jul 15 • 44:55

In this episode, we speak with Google Marketing Platform Sales Engineering Leader Liz Raschke. We talk about the qualities of a great SE manager. You’ll also learn: How does Google Marketing Platform leverage SEs? How to consistently drive great team outcomes? How to build team culture and psychological safety? How to build more trust with your team?...

#4 - Hiring High Performing SEs from Non-Traditional Backgrounds with Joe Casson from Qualified

Jun 24 • 46:22

In this episode, we speak with Solution Engineering Leader Joe Casson from We talk about how do you develop new SEs from non-traditional backgrounds into a high performing team. You’ll also learn: How do you hire for potential? How do you measure “high performance”?  How do you overcome and avoid a bad hire? How do you deliver constant feedback and encourage...

#3 - Race, Diversity, and Allyship in the Workplace, an SE Perspective with Optimizely SE Devin Saxon

Jun 11 • 34:50

In this episode, we speak with an Optimizely SE on a very important topic that needs to be discussed. We talk through how we can support and show up for our Black teammates in more meaningful and consistent ways. This episode amplifies Devin Saxon’s voice as we hold a space to listen to his experience, and he shares ideas to help society move forward.   ...

#2 - Partnering with your AE from Twilio SEs Mark Shavers and Jay Parisi

May 26 • 01:05:54

In this episode, we speak with two amazing Twilio SEs, Mark Shavers and Jay Parisi. We talk about what a world class AE / SE partnership looks like today. You’ll also learn: What general tensions (double booking, agendaless meetings, & more) exist and how to resolve them. What opportunity tensions (demos, RFP/RFI, ownership) exist and how to resolve them. How to operate as...

#1 - Qualities of a Great Sales Engineer from Snowflake Leader Cat de Jong

May 10 • 49:25

In this episode, we speak with Cat de Jong who is an incredible Sales Engineering leader at Snowflake. We talk about the Sales Process that led to Snowflake’s success and the qualities of great Sales Engineers. You’ll also learn:  What qualities make a great SE?  How do you challenge customers?  What are top SE hiring managers looking for in an interview?  How do you devel...

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