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Looking to grow your SaaS or B2B tech business? Learn practical marketing and growth strategies from leading marketing experts and SaaS founders. We'll get straight to the good stuff and take a look behind the scenes at what's fuelling some of that fastest growing SaaS companies right now.

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How Conversion.AI got their first 1000 users in just 30 days with Austin Distel - Episode 32

Feb 28 • 47:05
On this week's show, Austin Distel, CMO at ConversionAI is going to share how to get your first 1000 users in just 30 days by tapping into a community-driven, early access launch.

You've seen me talk about their powerful AI named Jarvis over the last few weeks so now it's time to learn more about the team behind the scenes!

This was taken from a live interview that was strea...

Quick announcement, you don't want to miss this! - Episode 031

Feb 21 • 04:30
I have a quick announcement for you - this week, we're doing the first ever live episode of The SaaS Marketing Show with Austin Distel the CMO at ConversionAI talking about how they went from 0-1000+ users in their first 30 days.

If you want to join us live it's happening this coming Thursday, Feb 25th at 11AM EST / 8AM PST. You can ask questions in real time to both mysel...

How Freshworks use storytelling to hit a $32 CPL for enterprise prospects - Episode 30

Jan 31 • 40:18

How Greenpal turned lawn care into a multimillion-dollar SaaS platform - Episode 29

Jan 24 • 31:10
This week we're joined by Bryan Clayton who is the CEO and co-founder of GreenPal - an online marketplace that connects homeowners with local lawn care professionals. They’ve been called the “Uber for lawn care” by Entrepreneur magazine and have over 100,000 active users completing thousands of transactions per day. We talked about how Greenpal have turned lawn care into a...

Scaling a SaaS content marketplace and hitting 50% YOY Growth With Steve Pockross From Verblio - Episode 028

Jan 17 • 36:01
This week we're joined by Steve Pockross who is the CEO at Verblio - a content creation platform that powers modern content marketers and agencies. They create over 70,000 pieces of unique content each year for thousands of companies in over 15 different countries. 

We spoke all about scaling a SaaS content marketplace and hitting 50% YOY growth. We touched on how powerful ...

ReferralCandy’s Partnership Strategy That Has Taken Them To 7-figures In ARR - Episode 027

Dec 13 • 29:30
This week we're joined by Raul Galera who is the Partner Manager at Referral Candy.

Referral Candy is a referral marketing SaaS that helps you get more customers by incentivizing referrals. They were founded in 2010, have over 30,000 brands that have used the product and have generated more than $220million in referral sales. Referral Candy themselves are doing 7 figures in...

How Bonjoro Generated circa $100k from Quora in 10 months - Episode 026

Dec 6 • 34:41

How Privy Grew Organic Traffic 50% in 6 Months By Investing in Brand (Using One Simple Strategy) - Episode 025

Oct 11 • 30:01

How Gamifying Their Onboarding Helped Salesflare Increase Trial To Paid Conversion 5% - Episode 024

Sep 28 • 35:03
On this week's show we interview Jeroen Corthout, one of the co-founders of the popular CRM software Salesflare. They have over 2000 companies actively using Salesflare and they differ from other CRMs with their powerful automations that help you leverage existing data so that you have to spend no time with manual inputs.

We talked about some of the experiments they've bee...

How Raygun Built A Multi-Million Dollar SaaS Content Engine - Episode 023

Sep 16 • 35:28

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