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The Ruby on Rails Podcast, a weekly conversation about Ruby on Rails, open source software, and the programming profession. Hosted by Brittany Martin and Brian Mariani. Produced by Mirror Placement. Edited by Peachtree Sound.

Popular episodes

Episode 394: Rubyconf 2021 Recap: Live + Virtual (Brittany & Jemma)

Dec 1 • 30:16

Brittany and Jemma record right after Rubyconf 2021 so they could share their experiences and favorite talks both in-person and virtual. Oh, also, this is now a running podcast. ...

Episode 393: The Rubyconf 2021 Live Podcast Panel

Nov 24 • 51:17

Recorded live from Rubyconf 2021 in Denver, CO with an audience! Panelists from The Ruby on Rails Podcast, Code with Jason and Remote Ruby gathered to chat about why they were excited to attend Rubyconf, favorite episodes and to field listener questions. ...

Episode 392: I'm Actually Totally Happy (Brittany & Brian)

Nov 17 • 28:41

No holiday break on the recruiting front! Brittany and Brian catch up on the Rails recruiting trends. They discuss how companies need to up the ante now that so many are remote first, how interviews should be structured and whether it is worth getting in the door, if it is not for the role you want. ...

Episode 391: Announcing Mocktail with Justin Searls

Nov 10 • 38:57

Justin Searls helped start Test Double—a software agency of experienced developers who work with clients to build great software together, as a team. He gave Brittany the scoop on Mocktail, an opinionated alternative to minitest's mocks, rr, mocha, and rspec-mocks. As a bonus: he offers his insights and advice on being a confident speaker. ...

Episode 390: Code Quality with Ernesto Tagwerker

Nov 3 • 31:49

Ernesto Tagwerker is the Founder of OmbuLabs, the Ruby on Rails development shop behind He comes back to the podcast to talk about code quality: what it is, what it is perceived to be and what its like to maintain a few Ruby code quality gems, including ruby-critic and skunk....

Episode 389: Dev Ops Lead with Jason Taylor

Oct 27 • 25:39

Jason Taylor returns! Together, Brittany and Jason discuss his recent promotion to Dev Ops Lead at TextUs, how fluent in the stack you need to be to make operational decisions and the Rubyconf sessions they are excited to attend. ...

Episode 388: Ruby is Still a Diamond with Emma Hyde

Oct 20 • 36:25

After Emma's blog post, "Ruby is Still a Diamond", took the software engineering world by storm, Brittany and Jemma invited Emma on to the show (her podcast debut!) to ruminate why she continues to be excited about Ruby, why you should invest the effort into upgrading to Ruby 3.0, the differences between parallelism & concurrency and an introduction to Ractors. ...

Episode 387: From Architect to VP of Engineering with Bruno Miranda

Oct 13 • 35:18

Bruno Miranda is responsible for leading Doximity’s engineering teams across the areas of data, mobile, infrastructure, and web engineering. Bruno architected the earliest versions of the company’s core software platform and lead efforts to build out a highly resilient technology stack. Brian and Brittany inquire what the responsibilities of a VP of Engineering are, the pr...

Episode 386: Marginally Wiser (Product Management) with Danny Issroff

Oct 6 • 30:03

It's a family affair! Danny Issroff, Jemma's older brother, visited the show to discuss all things product management. Jemma and Brittany quizzed him about how developers can understand product, advice for aspiring PMs and why developers are a precious resource. ...

Episode 385: Minimal Flame Wars (Prettier, Parsing and Regex) with Kevin Newton

Sep 29 • 30:11

Kevin Newton is a staff engineer at Shopify on the Ruby and Rails infrastructure team. He’s working on improving the speed and efficiency of CRuby. The trio (Kevin, Nick and Brittany) discuss RubyKaiji talks, Kevin's work on the Prettier plug-in for Ruby and RegularExpression, the Shopify HackDays project Kevin and Nick worked on. ...

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