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THE ROSTER is a comedy podcast following the crazy lives and inspiring friendship of Annmarie and Echo, two dumbass twenty-somethings with a lot to say and very little shame. They invite you to witness their most intimate moments, as they navigate the ups and downs of young adulthood together usingRead more

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E93: Don't Fear The Hickeyman

Nov 12 • 33:23

What the suck is up, mother suckers?! 

It's time we talked about hickeys and all other manner of sucking. This week, Annmarie and Echo detail a recent hook up with The Hickeyman that has the girls recounting their various hickey experiences throughout the years. From adolescent escapades and swollen pussy lips to eyeball licking and the craziest hickeys they've been given, ...

E92: Jagged Little Pills

Nov 5 • 01:03:48

Annmarie and Echo start this week's episode with a Would You Rather inspired by Echo's recent butt plug adventures before explaining their absence last week during an honest and vulnerable update. 

Moving into the episode, the girls call back to E35: Hard Pills To Swallow, reviewing all the lessons they thought they had learned and, somehow, completely forgot. From the impo...

E91: Jack-O-Lantern Juice

Oct 22 • 01:00:42

After partaking in an early Trick or Treat adventure, Annmarie and Echo describe the aftermath of Echo's recent anal adventure with her MVP. Then, calling back to E65: Circle of Death, the girls introduce brand new Halloween-themed rules for the missionaries to use during their upcoming Zoom Party.

Relying on the principle of No Pussy Shit, Annmarie and Echo play through t...

E90: Signs He Has A Secret Girlfriend

Oct 15 • 53:43

Once again too drunk to function, Annmarie and Echo begin this week's episode with a mandatory Green Light to get everyone in the right frame of mind.

Next, after a new segment of Encyclopedia Literotica, the girls highlight all the red flags you should be paying attention to - whether you are male or female, single or in a relationship - and they reveal the ones that defi...

E89: Here We Heaux Again

Oct 8 • 37:55

This week's episode begins with live audio from a moment that found both Annmarie and Echo beneath a wedding arch. Then, the girls announce a merch giveaway and an upcoming Zoom party to celebrate Halloween! 

Moving into the episode, Annmarie and Echo describe their heauxing philosophy as we enter cuffing season. Hint: It's all about self-fulfillment. From the danger of exp...

E88: Butt Plug Car Wash

Sep 24 • 01:07:34

Annmarie and Echo start the episode with audio from a recent trip they took together before beginning an in-depth discussion of plugs, from their first butt plugs to their most recent, as well as what non-sexual items they've shoved up their back doors.

Moving on to the main topic of the episode, the girls focus on their friendship as they go back and forth asking each oth...

E87: Bounce On My Dick

Sep 17 • 01:03:08

Starting with updates on their personal lives, Annmarie and Echo describe an incident with an extremely horny dog and explain what they mean when they say Nacho Pizza Salsa. 

Then, channeling the iconic Genuwine, Annmarie and Echo discuss their favorite tips and tricks for bouncing shamelessly on the dick. From how you can ride better to a technique the DILF uses to make wo...

E86: Fantasy Dick Draft

Sep 10 • 55:06

After detailing a successful Barbie Bar Crawl celebration for Annmarie's birthday, the girls provide life updates about old flames sliding back in their DMs (and being promptly returned to the bench) and the current status of Echo's clit laceration.

Then, as an extension of Annmarie's Very Serious Fantasy Football Draft, the girls start a sports-themed episode that will ha...

E85: Go Fuck Yourself

Sep 3 • 56:43

Annmarie and Echo start this week’s episode with an in-depth discussion of their recent masturbation habits and the reason both girls feel things have gotten out of control. Next, they move on to a slippery sloppery Just The Tip where Annmarie teaches the Missionaries how to squirt. 

Then,  recounting their first, worst, and best orgasms, the girls share all their masturbat...

E84: Condoms & Cream

Aug 21 • 48:15

In this episode, Annmarie and Echo are contemplating condoms as they discuss the skyrocketing summer of STIs and what it means for their sex lives. After considering the role luck plays in catching an infection, Echo tells the story of a time when she inadvertently allowed multiple men to eat her pussy during a bacterial infection. But that's not the craziest thing you'll ...

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