The Rollercoaster Podcast with Nikunj Kothari

Nikunj Kothari

A series where you hear real stories from innovators and pioneers describing the ups and downs of their career. Hosted by Nikunj Kothari. Learn more at
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Best Episodes

Cristina Cordova - Platform & Partnerships at Notion

Dec 17, 2020

"Cristina (@cjc) talks about how Stripe found its early partners"



For this episode, Nikunj chats with Cristina (@cjc). Cristina currently leads the platform and partnerships team at Notion. Prior to this, Cristina was at Stripe where she joined as the first business development hire and the 28th employee. Over her seven years there, she ended up growing her team,Read more

Nish Bhat - Cofounder of Color Genomics

Dec 1, 2020

"Nish (@nterminus) talks about early days of founding Color Genomics and how shifting perspective helps"


For this episode, Nikunj chats with Nish Bhat (@nterminus). Nish was most recently working at Color Genomics where he was one of four cofounders. Prior to that, Nish worked as a software engineer at Lookout.In this episode, Nish talks about his journey to founding Color Genomics. Some highlightsRead more

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