The Road Untraveled: VC Perspectives with Brian Hollins

Brian Hollins

Most venture capital firms are stress testing the technology and hard hitting questions of what "tomorrow" may look like. Here’s their real-timeRead more
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Best Episodes

Kauffman Fellowship - Jeff Harbach on finding your "zone of genius", advice for emerging managers and his take on trends coming to the venture industry.

Jan 31, 2021

"Jeff Harbach (Kauffman Fellow CEO) on what makes a good investor"




Jeff Harbach, President & CEO, Kauffman Fellows Key Takeaways The worlds biggest problems will be solved by companies that weren't venture backable in the past. More importantly, the people building those companies will be the folks who have experiencing dealing with those problems first hand,Read more

James Currier and Brittany Yoon (NFX) on Network Effects and the Power of Building Community

Dec 10, 2020

"NFX on the Role of Network Effects "


Key Takeaways: 1. 70% of the value in tech has been created by catalyzing network effects within the core business. 2. Competition in the venture ecosystem is good for business. The disbalance of power in the past caused bad behavior, and more competition is good for Founders and helps them findRead more

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