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Join the RELEVANT team as they tackle the intersection of faith and culture like no one else — all with a hilarious twist! In addition to the week's news and randomness, Cameron Strang, Jesse Carey, Jamie Ivey, Derek Minor and Tyler Huckabee are joined by thought-provoking leaders, influencers, andRead more

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Nov 26 • 51:57

Lecrae joins us today to talk about his new financial web series and give some of his thoughts on how Christians can manage their money better. Also, the gang delves into the strange origins of "Black Friday," hear your thoughts about which foods should never be added to a recipe and Jesse has a new beef with Bagel Bites....

Jon Tyson

Nov 23 • 51:50

Vanessa Hudgens

Nov 19 • 45:11

Kirsten Powers

Nov 16 • 58:43

Kirsten Powers joins us to discuss how we can actually show grace and love to people we disagree with. Plus, we discuss Thanksgiving side dishes, the new nine ideological beliefs Americans tend to fall into, diapers in space, and more. And stick around to the end when the cast answers your questions!...

Tony Hale

Nov 12 • 57:03

Jenn Johnson

Nov 9 • 53:14

Brandon Lake

Nov 5 • 50:59

On today’s episode, Brandon Lake joins us to share his latest musical adventures with us. Plus, we’ve got RELEVANT News and we dig into why millennials who grew up in church go hard for Halloween. And you have to stick to the end to hear the new question of the week – it’s a good one!...

Erwin McManus

Nov 2 • 42:26

Pastor and author Erwin McManus joins us today to explain why he thinks Jesus is a genius. Plus, we discuss an insane cruise deal, a bizarre food deal, and why you should always answer your phone. And we’ve got a fantastic new “What’s Jesse Thinking?” at the end of the show. Listen now!...

John Mark McMillan

Oct 29 • 58:04

Our guest today is John Mark McMillan! We spoke with him about his new ep ‘Has It Been You’ (which you should definitely listen to!). Plus, we discuss a potentially misleading survey that’s been making it’s way around the Internet on RELEVANT News, and Cameron’s questionable choice to visit a cabin in the woods during Halloween. At the end, we share some potential last min...

Dr. Hillary McBride

Oct 26 • 57:03

Dr. Hillary McBride joins us today to discuss the powerful idea of “embodiment” — viewing our bodies as more than just physical things. Plus, we dig into robot dogs with guns, why Amazon is listening in on us, turning hobbies into themed rooms and more. And stick around to the end for the Spooky Season Spectacular game!...

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