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Motivation and inspiration for your journey to recovery from an eating disorder. Host Jessica Flint interviews recovery warriors and treatment professionals from around the world to get their unique perspective and advice on what it takes to heal your relationship to food and body. This show is forRead more

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Binge Eating Advice for Holiday Parties with Leora Fulvio [BEST OF Part 2]

Nov 25 • 22:43
It's the day of a holiday event. What do you do? Listen to binge eating expert, Leora Fulvio's advice. In this show she shares coping tactics you can call on during and after a holiday event to help you stay on track in your recovery.


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A Binge Eating Action Plan for the Holidays with Leora Fulvio(BEST OF Part 1)

Nov 25 • 29:04

Daring Rebirth: A Full Moon Pep Talk

Nov 20 • 15:06
The process of recovery is like birthing a new you into existence, contractions and all. In this spontaneous show, I riff on this and how it relates to my FREE upcoming training on Why You Relapse (and How to Stop) REGISTER -->

Join me live for practical advice and fun analogies to help you clear away the blockages that hold you back from true freedom ...

Q&A: What Is A Relapse?

Nov 17 • 14:01
Relapses....Argh! WTF?! WHHHHYYYYY! 😩😭😤

This is exactly how I felt after I experienced a relapse. Now 12 years fully recovered from an eating disorder, I've helped millions stay on their path to full recovery despite setbacks.

FREE training on Why You Relapse and How to Stop -->

Join me for practical advice to focus on to clear away the obstacles tha...

Being Stuck in Recovery to Moving Forward with Sarah Perry

Nov 13 • 43:54
Ever felt stuck in your recovery and needed a push forward? Sarah felt the exact same way so she reached out for help. Today she is in an entirely new place in her recovery, connecting meaningfully and continually stepping outside of her comfort zone.

FREE training on Why You Relapse and How to Stop -->

What You'll Learn:

• The 3 different types ...

The Science Of Hope: 3 Researched-Backed Components

Nov 8 • 33:41
When the going gets tough, the hopeful keep going. In this show, I'm bringing you a book review of "The Psychology of Hope" by Dr. Rick Snyder. Learn more about the three key facets of hope, why it matters, how we can lose it and, most importantly, how we can improve it.

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Making Good Recovery Choices [#WarriorChallenge]

Nov 5 • 24:09

Overcoming Food Guilt [Affirmations]

Oct 12 • 15:06
Struggle with feeling guilty after you eat? Do you feel like you are constantly worrying about your food choice?

Listen to this show as many times as you need to let these affirming statements of support absorb into your unconscious mind.

Download the FREE Guide: 10 Words to Stop Saying Now (and what to say instead)at

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[In This Body] The Body is Political: Stop Oversimplifying Eating Disorders with Liana Maneese

Oct 7 • 55:19
What is the bigger picture of systemic oppression? Liana Maneese, the Founder of The Good Peoples Group’s Center on Interracial Relationships dives deep into the concept of "cultural whiteness" and why you cannot disconnect it from eating disorders.

"The body is political. The body is the mark of everything. And so we have to remember that no matter what we're talking about...

Inner Child Work [Affirmations]

Oct 4 • 15:51
Inner child work is a way to address our needs that haven't been met as children and heal any deep seated insecurities and attachment wounds. By healing our inner child, we begin to create the safety and security our younger selves have always needed.

Listen to this show as many times as you need to let these affirming statements os support absorb into your unconscious min...

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