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The Recovery Room


"The Recovery Room" is a podcast focussed on affair recovery discussions and interviews hosted by author and licensed counselor Tim Tedder, creator of resources.

Popular episodes

#503 Gaslighting - You Make Me Crazy

Nov 5 • 34:53

#502 Dealing with Multiple Affairs

Oct 5 • 36:29

#501 Satisfying Choices, Lasting Change

Apr 11 • 40:21

#408 Stuck On A Feeling: The Power of Limerence

Aug 16 • 36:50
Counselors Tim Tedder and Sharon Tedder interview a neuroscientist to learn more about the limerence experience. What's going on in the brain of someone who is caught up in the powerful emotions often experienced in an affair (a condition sometimes called "Affair Fog")?

* Episode notes and resources available at
* See also https://living...

#407 Infidelity Choices: Compromise, Indecision, Recovery

May 30 • 35:03

#406 Infidelity Responses: Anger, Children, Forgiveness

May 8 • 34:47

#405 Check-In: What do they remember about the affair?

Mar 21 • 12:18

#404 Why Did You Cheat?

Mar 2 • 17:22

#403 Check-In: Sex struggles after an affair?

Feb 16 • 20:18

#402 Check-In: How do I help him heal from my affair?

Jan 29 • 08:07

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