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Are robots racist? Should we regulate gene editing? Have people stopped trusting experts? Does scientific research make the world a more unequal place? The Received Wisdom is a podcast about how to realize the potential of science and technology by challenging the received wisdom. Join Shobita andRead more

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Episode 21: Considering an AI Bill of Rights, Facebook, and the Technological Surveillance of Truckers ft. Karen Levy

Nov 16 • 58:51

This month, Shobita and Jack discuss efforts to engage publics in the development and regulation of AI, including the AI Bill of Rights proposed by the White house, and the most recent Facebook controversies. And they talk to sociologist and lawyer Karen Levy about her forthcoming book examining the rise of technology-based surveillance in the trucking industry and its soc...

Episode 20: Risk, Expertise, and the Power of Community Perspectives in Science and Technology ft. Jason Delborne

Oct 5 • 01:01:00

In this episode, Shobita and Jack compare how the US and UK governments are managing risk and uncertainty in both pandemic policymaking and in their evolving artificial intelligence strategies. And they chat with Jason Delborne, a professor at North Carolina State University who has done both research and public and policy engagement related to gene drives, a new form of b...

Episode 19: Climate Change, Vaccines, AI, and the Lure of Technochauvinism ft. Meredith Broussard

Aug 24 • 46:58

Episode 19: Climate Change, Vaccines, AI, and the Lure of Technochauvinism featuring Meredith Broussard...

Episode 18: Risk, Freedom, and the Power of Tech Labor ft. Ben Tarnoff

Jul 26 • 01:08:57

Jack and Shobita talk about her recent experiences giving Congressional testimony about equity in energy innovation, question the meaning of Freedom Day in the UK, puzzle over the FDA's recent approval of a new Alzheimer's drug, and interview Ben Tarnoff, co-founder of Logic Magazine, about tech worker organizing....

Episode 17: The Next Big Science Policy and the Material Realities of AI ft. Kate Crawford

Jun 13 • 01:04:44

Shobita and Jack discuss the Innovation and Competition Act making its way through the US Congress as well as the most up-to-date geopolitics of COVID, including the TRIPS waiver and the "lab leak" theory. And we interview Kate Crawford, a leading scholar on the social and political implications of artificial intelligence....

Episode 16: Vaccine Patents, Tesla's Travails, and the Persistence of Race Science ft. Angela Saini

Apr 25 • 01:02:30

In this episode, Jack and Shobita talk about the controversy over making COVID-19 vaccines globally available by waiving the patents, and the recent crash of one of Tesla's "self-driving" cars. And they chat with science journalist Angela Saini about her recent book Superior: The Return of Race Science. They discuss why assumptions about the biology of race seem so persist...

Episode 15: Innovation Imaginaries and the Politics of Evidence-Based Policymaking ft. David Goldston

Mar 23 • 59:19

Episode 15--Innovation Imaginaries and the Politics of Evidence-Based Policymaking ft. David Goldston...

Episode 14: Equity in Science and Technology Policy and the Promise of Vaccines Ft.Maya Goldenberg

Feb 15 • 58:44

In this episode, Shobita and Jack talk about President Biden's plans for science and technology policy and his appointment of Alondra Nelson as Deputy Director for Science and Society in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, as well as the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in the United States and United Kingdom. And they chat with Maya Goldenberg, philosophy pro...

Episode 13: Biden, Brexit, and the Future of Science and Technology Policy ft. Lina Dencik

Jan 18 • 49:00

It's a New Year, and may soon be a new world! Shobita and Jack discuss the big changes brewing in the US and UK, from the new president to Brexit, and consider what it all means for science and technology policy. And we chat with Lina Dencik, Professor and Director of the Data Justice Lab at Cardiff University....

Episode 12: Vaccine Nationalism and How Artifacts Have Politics ft. Langdon Winner

Nov 29 • 44:11

Shobita and Jack reflect on the US election and the future of conservatism and exciting vaccine news, and speak with philosopher and STS forefather Langdon Winner about the politics of technology today. Winner recently released a new edition of his groundbreaking book, The Whale and the Reactor: A Search for Limits in an Age of High Technology....

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