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The Reason Interview With Nick Gillespie


Want to know what comes next in politics, culture, and libertarian ideas? <em>Reason</em>’s Nick Gillespie hosts relentlessly interesting interviews with the activists, artists, authors, entrepreneurs, newsmakers, and politicians who are defining the 21st century.

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Rachel Laudan: Why Thanksgiving Dinner Is Served All at Once

Nov 24 • 49:37

Have you ever stopped to think about why all the food at the traditional Thanksgiving dinner gets put out at the same time? No courses and no servers—just a culinary dump of turkey and all the fixings onto the table and an ensuing feeding frenzy. ...

John McWhorter: How To Defeat 'Woke Racism'

Nov 17 • 01:06:58

In his bestselling new book, Woke Racism: How a New Religion Has Betrayed Black America,New York Times columnist and Columbia University linguist John McWhorter argues that the ideas of Robin DiAngelo, Ibram X. Kendi, and The 1619 Project undermine blacks by sharpening racial divides and distracting from actual obstacles to real progress....

Nicholas Christakis: How To End the Covid Pandemic

Nov 10 • 01:07:05

All respiratory pandemics follow a script, one that's as much social and political as it is medical or epidemiological, says Yale sociologist and medical doctor Nicholas Christakis, who has just released a new paperback edition of his authoritative book, Apollo's Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live....

Garry Kasparov: Greatest Soviet Chess Champion on the Awful System That Created Him

Nov 3 • 01:29:38

Reason's December special issue marks the 30th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union. This story is part of our exploration of the global legacy of that evil empire, and our effort to be certain that the dire consequences of communism are not forgotten....

Ethan Nadelmann: How To End the Drug War (and What Comes Next)

Oct 27 • 01:12:38
https://d2eehagpk5cl…an_Nadelman.jpg.webp 2400w,https://d2eehagpk5cl…an-1200x675.jpg.webp 1200w,https://d2eehagpk5cl…man-800x450.jpg.webp 800w,https://d2eehagpk5cl…man-600x338.jpg.webp 600w,https://d2eehagpk5cl…man-331x186.jpg.webp 331w" sizes="(min-width: 600px) 331px, 100vw">https://d2eehagpk5cl…0/Ethan_Nadelman.jpg 2400w,https://d2eehagpk5cl…adelman-1200x675.jpg 1200w,h...

Andrew Yang: 'Political Violence Is Becoming More and More of an Inevitability'

Oct 20 • 40:41

Andrew Yang's run for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination didn't last all that long, but his support for a universal basic income (UBI) pushed that arcane topic to the center of ongoing policy debates about how best to help Americans dislocated by technological and economic change....

Steven Pinker: Rationality Has Made Us Richer, Kinder, and More Free

Oct 13 • 57:00

In the controversial yet bestselling books The Better Angels of Our Nature and Enlightenment Now, Harvard linguist Steven Pinker made the case that humanity has been getting richer and less violent over the past two centuries....

How Afghanistan Became the First 'Feminist' War

Oct 6 • 01:36:20
https://d2eehagpk5cl…/zerodark30.jpg.webp 2400w,https://d2eehagpk5cl…30-1200x675.jpg.webp 1200w,https://d2eehagpk5cl…k30-800x450.jpg.webp 800w,https://d2eehagpk5cl…k30-600x338.jpg.webp 600w,https://d2eehagpk5cl…k30-331x186.jpg.webp 331w" sizes="(min-width: 600px) 331px, 100vw">https://d2eehagpk5cl…21/10/zerodark30.jpg 2400w,https://d2eehagpk5cl…odark30-1200x675.jpg 1200w,h...

Karla Vermeulen: Inside the Mind of 'Generation Disaster'

Sep 29 • 01:23:23
https://d2eehagpk5cl…a_Vermeulen.png.webp 2400w,https://d2eehagpk5cl…en-1200x675.png.webp 1200w,https://d2eehagpk5cl…len-800x450.png.webp 800w,https://d2eehagpk5cl…len-600x338.png.webp 600w,https://d2eehagpk5cl…len-331x186.png.webp 331w" sizes="(min-width: 600px) 331px, 100vw">https://d2eehagpk5cl…/Karla_Vermeulen.png 2400w,https://d2eehagpk5cl…rmeulen-1200x675.png 1200w,h...

Robby Soave: Today's Bipartisan Tech Panic Is Yesteryear's Freakout Over Video Games

Sep 22 • 56:09

Everywhere you turn these days, big tech companies are under fire. Instagram's supposedly addictive and negative effects on teenage girls have lawmakers comparing its parent company Facebook to Big Tobacco. ...

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