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It's a show about life, markets, sweat-equity, and the pursuit of wealth in a capitalist market.

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Is the Sell-off Over?

Dec 1 • 03:41
(12/1/21) Is the sell-off over--and is it time to buy stocks? After Jerome Powell mentioned retiring the word, "transitory," and speeding the rate of taper, stocks took a dive. We said this would happen, prior to a Santa Claus rally at the end of the year. Buying stocks could be a good idea...but: When should you do so, and how? First, watch the bearish trends, testing the...

Has Jerome Powell Changed His Mind?

Nov 30 • 34:52
The maker of the world's most ugly car (Renault) is now making the world's most ugly flying car; Jerome Powell swings both ways; there's too much money chasing too few deals; Tesla's Model-Y gets trashed; how automakers change consumers' tastes; most-shorted stocks in S&P. ------ SEG-1: Flying Renaults, Jerome Powell's Dovish Twist SEG-2: How Too Much Liquidity has Distort...

Is There an End in Sight to this Market Correction?

Nov 30 • 03:08
(11/30/21) Despite Monday's rally, markets are still in correction mode, and the Omicron variant is providing the "excuse" for correction to occur. It's important to note that Friday's decline, in a half-day of light-volume trading, was followed by a Cyber Monday rally in a full day of activity, with only half the volume of Friday's rout. The Omicron variant is still a sou...

Are Oil Prices Too Volatile to Handle?

Nov 29 • 34:32
The shift in making kids pay for college; Will Politicians again shut down economies to thwart Omicron Variant of COVID? the impact of Mutual Fund distributions on Wall St., Value vs Growth in Oil Stocks; Demographics are Destiny in Addressing Social Security. ------ SEG-1: Reaction & Response to Omicron Variant SEG-2: Impact of EOY Mutual Fund Distributions; Pricing Oil S...

Omicron Variant Shakes Wall Street

Nov 29 • 02:18
(11/29/21) The Omicron Variant of the COVID virus shook Wall Street, turning Black Friday red, as the uncertainty surrounding this new variant proved too much to overcome. Markets were looking for a reason to sell-off, and this was their excuse. This was no surprise for over-extended markets. Markets this morning are back in the green on a reflexive rally, but with mutual ...

Black Friday Episode (11/26/21)

Nov 26 • 47:40
Yes, Rich & Danny are sleeping off their Tryptohpan coma this morning, so this is our special Black Friday episode of the show. We've put together some clips for you from the past weeks or so, including: SEG-1: End of Year Planning for Savvy Investors SEG-2: Ten Smart Money Moves to Make Before 2022 SEG-3: What's Your Dream-Retirement? Survey SEG-4: Retirement Wisdom from ...

Thanksgiving Day Best-of Episode (11/25/21)

Nov 24 • 47:42
This is our special Thanksgiving Day episode of the show for which we've put together some clips from the past week or so, including: SEG-1: Off-the-Charts Bull Markets SEG-2: Elon Musk for President! SEG-3: Financial Missteps: How We Got Here SEG-4: Why Elon Musk Pays Not Taxes -------- You can review past video installations of Lance's "Three Minutes on Markets & Money" ...

Pre-Thanksgiving Episode (11/24/21)

Nov 24 • 47:42
We're on a break. Lance is fasting today in preparation for tomorrow's Thanksgiving feeding frenzy, and so we put together some show clips from the past week or so, including: SEG-1: The One About the Fed's Stock Market Warning SEG-2: It's Not Easy Being Green SEG-3: Is the 60/40 Portfolio Dead? SEG-4: Unintended Consequences -------- You can review past video installation...

My Unpopular View of Build Back Better

Nov 23 • 35:31
Is a Santa Claus Rally coming? COVID Test results & JFK Papers delayed; Turkey Talk & a critique of the Build Back Better bill & porkfest; Vegas tryouts are capitalism incarnate: It's supply & Demand; Why the economy is dependent on low interest rates; what happens next? ------ SEG-1: COVID Test Results, Santa Claus Rally, & Understanding Options SEG-2: Turkey Talk & Build...

Is a Jerome Powell 2nd Term a Bad Thing for Markets?

Nov 23 • 03:49
(11/23/21) Jerome Powell gets Joe Biden's nod for another round as Federal Reserve Chairman, which markets initially liked until the realization hit that another term for St. Jerome most assuredly means the potential between three and five interest rate hikes in 2022. Additionally, talk of accelerating the Fed's tapering of monetary accommodation, further exacerbated stock...

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