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Take control of your life and money once and for all. The Ramsey Show offers up straight talk from Dave Ramsey and his team of co-hosts. Millions listen in as callers from all walks of life learn how to get out of debt and start building for the future. Check out one of Apple’s most popularRead more

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Stop Worshipping at the Altar of the Great FICO! (Hour 3)

Dec 7 • 40:19

Home Buying, Debt, Education, Investing...

When Is It Okay To Drop Your Life Insurance? (Hour 2)

Dec 7 • 41:01

Home Buying, Insurance, Investing Debt, Education, Career, Home Selling...

To Win With Money, You Have To Focus on Your “Why” (Hour 1)

Dec 7 • 40:48

Home Buying, Home Selling, Retirement, Investing, Debt, Saving...

Should We Borrow Money From Our Parents To Build a House? (Hour 3)

Dec 6 • 40:27

Investing, Retirement, Home Buying, Debt...

Your Sacrifice Today Will Set You Up for a Better Tomorrow (Hour 2)

Dec 6 • 40:22

Retirement, Saving, Home Selling, Debt, Investing, Career...

DAVE RANT: Stop Rationalizing Bad Money Decisions! (Hour 1)

Dec 6 • 40:25

Home Buying, Debt, Home Selling, Career...

RANT: Buying Cryptocurrency With a Credit Card Is STUPID! (Hour 3)

Dec 3 • 40:30

Debt, Career, Investing, Retirement, Home Selling, Home Buying...

I’m 27 and My Goal Is To Be a Decamillionaire (Hour 2)

Dec 3 • 40:23

Saving, Debt, Investing...

Wife Wants a Divorce and I Don’t Know What To Do Financially (Hour 1)

Dec 3 • 40:59

Retirement, Investing, Career, Home Buying, Budgeting, Saving, Insurance, Debt, Education, Relationships...

Here’s How To Avoid Money Drama During Your Engagement (Hour 3)

Dec 2 • 40:47

Debt, Budgeting, Saving, Relationships, Investing...

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