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From New York Times best-selling author Rachel Hollis comes the ultimate podcast for anyone looking for more joy and purpose in their lives. Featuring candid interviews with top performers in business, media, and lifestyle, as well as deep dives into topics like health and motivation, the RachelRead more

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202: Let's Talk About Courage and Mindset

Jul 27 • 34:38

Does it feel like the world keeps shifting? It does for me. So I wanted to bring to you a talk from my first virtual conference about courage and about being discouraged and where we can dig a little deeper to find the courage that we need to get through these really hard times....

201: Are You Struggling with Health Goals?

Jul 20 • 37:41

This is a whole new format for this episode. Y'all now that we have a hotline and people leave voicemails and sometimes I use those questions to do Q&A episodes....this one is going to be a little bit different! I listened to a voicemail message and decided that the issue this woman was having was something that all of us can understand:...

200: Loving on your Brain - with Daniel Amen

Jul 13 • 49:09

This week I get to chat to Daniel Amen, an American celebrity doctor who practices as a psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist as director of the Amen Clinics. We have a fascinating conversation about mental health, and an opinion of what it means to study the brain and how to take care of it from a different perspective than reflected in the mainstream....

199: Reflecting On A Year of Singleness

Jul 6 • 44:01

This week is slightly more on the personal side. July 2nd 2021 is when I sat down to record this...July 2nd 2020 was the day I moved out of the house that I shared with my now ex-husband. I met my ex-husband when I was 18 and when I got divorced last year I was grappling with that pain, but also the fear of living alone as a grown adult for the first time. I want to talk w...

#RachTalk14: WARNING - Not Suitable For Weaklings!

Jun 30 • 18:12

FINALLY, Rachel gets to try The Rock’s energy drink and the results are explosive. ...

198: Getting To The Highest Level - with Tim Grover

Jun 29 • 56:32

I am so excited about the guest I have on this week's episode - Tim Grover. World-renowned for his legendary work with elite champions and Hall of Famers, including Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and hundreds other NFL, MLB, NBA, and Olympic athletes, he is the preeminent authority on the science and art of physical and mental dominance and achieving excellence....

#RachTalk13: Sleep Deprivation, Cruella Review, Most Used Emojis

Jun 23 • 24:17

Today’s chat gets emojional and Rachel discovers the joys of dog-sitting....

197: Change Is The Only Constant - with Maya Shankar

Jun 22 • 44:52

Today on the podcast I interview Dr. Maya Shankar - a cognitive scientist who served as a Senior Advisor in the Obama White House, where she founded and served as Chair of the White House Behavioral Science Team. She served as the first Behavioral Science Advisor to the United Nations and has a postdoctoral fellowship in cognitive neuroscience at Stanford, a Ph.D. from Oxf...

BONUS: I Don't Believe In Coincidence

Jun 18 • 22:19

TW: Death, Suicide...

#RachTalk 12: Wardrobe Malfunctions, Fascia Stretching, Food Sensitivity Test, Iceland | Joe Biden

Jun 16 • 17:57

Things are getting sweaty on RachTalk, AND Rach gets the test results from her food sensitivity test that ya'll wanted to hear! She's fully vaccinated and she's headed to Iceland!...

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