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Do you find the news cycle overwhelming? Depressing? Confusing? Boring? Endless? Then you need The Quicky. Mamamia's daily podcast that gets you up to speed on the top stories, then deep dives on one topic you want to know more about. It's the easiest and most enjoyable way to get across theRead more

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How To Cope With Pandemic Fatigue

Dec 6 • 19:14

As the holiday season edges closer the last thing we want to think about is the pandemic, but with uncertainty over Omicron, borders and restrictions, you might be feeling utterly exhausted and fed up with not being able to plan festive celebrations with certainty....

Vaccine Inequality: Why We Could See More Variants Of Concern

Dec 5 • 18:01

The emergence of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 has finally forced the world to have a difficult conversation that many experts and less-economically developed nations have been calling on us to have for a long time....

How To Be Good At Small Talk (& Why It Matters)

Dec 2 • 15:45

It can feel daunting at the best of times to strike up a conversation with a stranger at a bus stop, or a colleague you don't know particularly well in a lift, but it is even more difficult when the majority of your face is covered with a mask....

Who Really Wins In Gender Neutral Awards Categories?

Dec 1 • 18:09

Last week the Australian Recording Industry Association Awards, better known as the ARIAs were live streamed from Sydney, and for the first time some of the prizes were handed out without artists being restricted to specific categories due to their gender....

The Women Suing Qatar & Your Rights In An Airport

Nov 30 • 20:12

Just over one year ago, at least 13 Australian women and hundreds of others were subjected to invasive gynaecological examinations without warning or explanation while they were transiting on flights through Doha Airport....

How Worried Should I Be About Omicron?

Nov 29 • 15:07

Just when you thought it was safe to book domestic and international travel, Australia has joined a number of other nations by imposing new restrictions on people from nine African countries over concerns about the new Omicron variant of COVID-19....

How Long Should You Date Before You Get Engaged?

Nov 28 • 18:10

When musician Travis Barker proposed to Kourtney Kardashian in a dramatic beach set-up with thousands of roses last month, you might have been a bit surprised as "Kravis" have only been officially dating for a few months....

Why Can't I Buy The Pill Over The Counter?

Nov 25 • 14:16

If you've ever taken the contraceptive pill, you might have had one of those 'oh no' moments when you realise that your prescription has run out, you're down to your last pill, and have to make a mad dash to the doctor to get a new script. ...

The Disappearance Of William Tyrrell: Everything We Know So Far

Nov 24 • 17:49

On 12 September 2014 a three-year-old boy vanished without a trace from his grandmother's backyard in the NSW town of Kendall. More than seven years on, police recently launched a new search in the hope of finding out what happened to William Tyrrell....

Do I Need COVID-19 Insurance? All Your Xmas Travel Questions Answered

Nov 23 • 19:55

With Christmas just one month away you might be frantically making plans to travel interstate or even overseas to see loved ones or enjoy a much-needed break, but do you know all the requirements you need to meet and when?...

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