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This podcast is for the spiritual woman and entrepreneur who wants to live the life of her dreams and will not settle for anything less than her worth! Join Rachel Alyce as she talks about all things mindset, manifestation, spirituality, and business. UPLEVEL in just minutes or become trulyRead more

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Episode 100 [Cosmic Biz]: Human Design and Business with Pavi from @flowinshakti

Dec 31 • 43:46

Biz babes get ready to find out how you can truly get into alignment with your business! Today, I have Human Design Expert Pavi from @flowinshakti on today's episode. ...

Episode 99 [Guest/Cosmic Biz]: The Multidimensional Medium with Erica Cuevas

Dec 28 • 56:53
Get your tissues ready! At around 40 minutes into this episode - you are going to be needing them! I have the incredible psychic badass, also known as the Multidimensional Medium, Erica Cuevas on the show! We talk about her incredible story of her NDE and how she was able to channel different beings, past lives, and loved ones who were about to pass but could not communica...

Episode 98 [Short n' Sweet] My Top 6 Manifestation Hacks

Dec 21 • 18:17

Episode 97 [Cosmic Biz]: It is GOOD to FAIL!

Dec 17 • 09:53

In today's episode, I talk all about failure! And brace yourselves for the truth bomb! It is very LIKELY that you will experience failure during your biz journey and guess what - that is a GOOD thing! It means you are on the road to success! So hit the play button, and let's get comfortable with failure....

Episode 96 [Short n' Sweet]: Spirit Animals 101

Dec 14 • 17:21

Ever wanted to know what your spirit animal is? Well, you are going to love today's episode where I talk about spirit animals, the top 5 spirit animals you may encounter, and how to find out who your spirit animal is!...

Episode 95 [Cosmic Biz]: Biz Baby Steps

Dec 10 • 18:16

In today's episode, I talk about the importance of taking biz baby steps! So many of us want the final vision and overnight success. Sometimes the Universe only gives us what we are ready for. Baby steps are necessary to help you increase your capacity and bandwidth to receive more including your dream biz....

Episode 94 [Rewind]: The Edge (Quantum Leaps)

Dec 7 • 26:05

Today I take you back to an oldie but goodie! The Edge! The Edge is all about the space between upleveling, quantum leaping, and being prepared for your big manifestation to come through! Enjoy!...

Episode 93 [Cosmic Biz]: Your Higher Self Boss Bitch

Dec 3 • 12:31

In today's episode, I chat about embodying your higher self boss bitch babe to help you manifest your dream biz. I also share a shit load of journal prompts to help you connect with who she is. ...

Episode 92 [GUEST] The Art of Saying No with Chloe Bennett

Dec 1 • 25:46

Today, I am joined by the amazeballs Chloe Bennett. Chloe is on a mission to help others cultivate unshakeable self-trust and come home to their true selves. ...

Epsiode 91 [Cosmic Biz]: Productivity Tips and Starting Your Biz with Zero Costs!

Nov 29 • 19:04

Hey Cosmic Biz babes! Let's talk about how to start your biz whilst juggling family life and your stinky 9-5! I also chat about the time I bought every biz tool going and how it did not help my biz at the very early stages. I give you the low down on the key essentials you need to start your biz without breaking the bank....

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