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Making Orbital Mechanics More Accessible With Poliastro

Nov 27 • 58:59


Outer space holds a deep fascination for people of all ages, and the key principle in its exploration both near and far is orbital mechanics. Poliastro is a pure Python package for exploring and simulating orbit calculations. In this episode Juan Luis Cano Rodriguez shares the story behind the project, how you can use it to learn more about space travel, and some of...

Declarative Deep Learning From Your Laptop To Production With Ludwig and Horovod

Nov 22 • 01:04:48


Deep learning frameworks encourage you to focus on the structure of your model ahead of the data that you are working with. Ludwig is a tool that uses a data oriented approach to building and training deep learning models so that you can experiment faster based on the information that you actually have, rather than spending all of our time manipulating features to m...

Build Better Analytics And Models With A Focus On The Data Experience

Nov 22 • 59:27


A lot of time and energy goes into data analysis and machine learning projects to address various goals. Most of the effort is focused on the technical aspects and validating the results, but how much time do you spend on considering the experience of the people who are using the outputs of these projects? In this episode Benn Stancil explores the impact that our te...

Building Conversational AI to Augment Sales Teams at Structurely

Nov 6 • 50:59


The true power of artificial intelligence is its ability to work collaboratively with humans. Nate Joens co-founded Structurely to create a conversational AI platform that augments human sales teams to help guide potential customers through the initial steps of the funnel. In this episode he discusses the technical and social considerations that need to be combined ...

Build Composable And Reusable Feature Engineering Pipelines with Feature-Engine

Oct 31 • 53:29


Every machine learning model has to start with feature engineering. This is the process of combining input variables into a more meaningful signal for the problem that you are trying to solve. Many times this process can lead to duplicating code from previous projects, or introducing technical debt in the form of poorly maintained feature pipelines. In order to make...

Speed Up Your Python Data Applications By Parallelizing Them With Bodo

Oct 25 • 58:06


The speed of Python is a subject of constant debate, but there is no denying that for compute heavy work it is not the optimal tool. Rather than rewriting your data oriented applications, or having to rearchitect them, the team at Bodo wrote a compiler that will do the optimization for you. In this episode Ehsan Totoni explains how they are able to translate pure Py...

An Exploration Of Financial Exchange Risk Management Strategies

Oct 16 • 34:30


The world of finance has driven the development of many sophisticated techniques for data analysis. In this episode Paul Stafford shares his experiences working in the realm of risk management for financial exchanges. He discusses the types of risk that are involved, the statistical methods that he has found most useful for identifying strategies to mitigate that ri...

Build Better Machine Learning Models By Understanding Their Decisions With SHAP

Oct 9 • 01:04:54


Machine learning and deep learning techniques are powerful tools for a large and growing number of applications. Unfortunately, it is difficult or impossible to understand the reasons for the answers that they give to the questions they are asked. In order to help shine some light on what information is being used to provide the outputs to your machine learning mode...

Accelerating Drug Discovery Using Machine Learning With TorchDrug

Sep 30 • 44:30


Finding new and effective treatments for disease is a complex and time consuming endeavor, requiring a high degree of domain knowledge and specialized equipment. Combining his expertise in machine learning and graph algorithms with is interest in drug discovery Jian Tang created the TorchDrug project to help reduce the amount of time needed to find new candidate mol...

An Exploration Of Automated Speech Recognition

Sep 26 • 54:01


The overwhelming growth of smartphones, smart speakers, and spoken word content has corresponded with increasingly sophisticated machine learning models for recognizing speech content in audio data. Dylan Fox founded Assembly to provide access to the most advanced automated speech recognition models for developers to incorporate into their own products. In this epis...

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