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"How Can I Believe God Protects Me When Tragedy Strikes?" With Lysa TerKeurst and Dr. Joel Muddamalle

Dec 2 • 38:47
Sometimes God's protection comes in packages that don't feel like protection.

The Bible says Jesus has overcome the world. But what about when it doesn't feel like it right now, in this situation? On this episode of the podcast, Lysa TerKeurst and Dr. Joel Muddamalle will walk through places in Scripture that show us the unlikely places where Jesus' protection is actually p...

Is It Possible to Love Others without Expecting Anything in Return?

Nov 23 • 35:22

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Live Full, Walk Free With Cindy Bultema

Nov 9 • 43:30
Disclaimer: We want to be mindful of all listeners when we discuss a topic that may be triggering to some, or not age appropriate for children. In this episode, we will be talking about the realities of addiction. Please see our related resources below for additional tools on this topic.

What does it mean to live full and walk free in a world where temptations are on every ...

"How God's Holiness Helps Us Trust Him" With Jackie Hill Perry

Oct 26 • 32:14
Deep down, do we really believe that God is worthy of our trust?

We learn of God's holiness in the Bible and sing about it in songs and hymns, but have we let that knowledge inform our faith? On this episode of the podcast, author, teacher and speaker Jackie Hill Perry will teach us what holiness is, what it isn't and why it's the foundation for our trust in God.

Related Res...

"Made for This Moment" With Max Lucado

Oct 5 • 42:41

Do you doubt if you can really handle it all?

The headlines are disheartening; routines we just set seem like they'll be disrupted (again) at any moment and life seems so very unpredictable.

When your world seems to be spinning out of control, fear will tell you it's easier to hide from it all rather than face it. On this episode of the podcast, our dear friend — pastor Max ...

Don't Fear an Untidy Life by Lysa TerKeurst

Sep 21 • 46:29
Chances are, your life hasn't turned out the way you thought it would. Maybe you've gone through seasons of brokenness that made you scratch your head and wonder, Why is this happening to me?

Lysa TerKeurst deeply understands how that feels. But in her study of the Beatitudes in Matthew 5, she found a new way to look at brokenness: as something that makes us all more relata...

How To Navigate a World of Divided Opinions

Sep 7 • 35:35

How do we anchor ourselves in Truth when we wake up to a world full of divided opinions each day? What voices do we listen to, and what resources do we trust?

On this episode of the podcast, our friend and First 5 writer Kayla Ferris walks us through three steps to navigating a world of divided opinions from the book of Colossians. Together we'll not only learn the practica...

Good News for Parents Who Don't Feel Good Enough

Aug 24 • 37:28

Our Mom Set Free Online Bible Study with Jeannie Cunnion starts September 7! Overcome the pressure of trying so hard to be the perfect mom by learning to trust God in a deeper way. Click here to sign up today and click here to order a copy of the book!...

The Labels that Define You

Aug 17 • 34:30
Who were you before anyone told you who you were supposed to be?

On this episode of the podcast, author and speaker Jo Saxton will teach you how to exchange the labels you've been given and those you put on yourself with the labels God has given you. With guided questions to help you determine what false labels you have placed on yourself, you'll learn to walk forward into ...

Why Do Books Like Habakkuk Matter?

Jul 20 • 27:16

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