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Stefan James from Project Life Mastery reveals the best strategies to mastering and living life fully; everything from how to be motivated, secrets to success, how to make money online, making passive income online, investing, how to change your beliefs and mindset, being healthy and physicallyRead more

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PLM 909 : How To Profit From Crypto Going DOWN | Dan Hollings

Dec 8 • 43:30

I feel privileged to be interviewing Dan Hollings from The Plan, who has been responsible for my introduction to explore the world of crypto bots. Learning his tried and tested methods of how to profit from crypto by setting up crypto bots has no doubt enabled me to fast-track my understanding and success. If you're serious about this new passive income stream method using...

PLM 908 : 42 Life-Changing Books For Mastering Every Area Of Your Life

Nov 24 • 51:58

"Most people in life major in minor things" Jim Rohn. ...

PLM 907 : Investing In Cryptocurrency For Beginners

Nov 21 • 38:19

I'm going to share how I personally invest in cryptocurrency and what my strategy is. I break this down so it's easy for beginners to understand what crypto is, how you can start investing in it, and how to keep it safe in multiple exchanges. ...

PLM 906 : Meditation For Beginners: The Benefits & How To Meditate

Nov 20 • 27:59

You are a human being, not a human doing. It's important to stop thinking and to be in the moment by practicing meditation. It's safe to say that meditation has changed my life in so many positive ways, and that's why in today's podcast I'll be sharing the benefits of meditation for beginners and tips on how to meditate....

PLM 905 : The "Money Mindset" Of A Millionaire 💰 (MOTIVATION)

Nov 12 • 08:16

How would your life change if you could get ahead financially? Let's face it, no one likes being in debt. However, it is a reality for many. Student loans, mortgages, and credit cards all serve to set you back financially. If you want to get out of debt, you have to change your money mindset and money habits. Your success is determined, in large part, by your ability to ef...

PLM 904 : 21 Habits For Health, Wealth & Happiness

Nov 4 • 01:26:51

Improving your health, becoming wealthy, and becoming happier can be determined by the habits you have in your life. In this podcast, I'm going to reveal 21 habits that can help you to achieve all of these things much faster. By building habits into your life such as waking up at a set time, meditating, and planning out your life, you'll unlock so much happiness and succes...

PLM 903 : How I'm Investing In Blockchain (NFT & Crypto Infrastructure)

Oct 26 • 13:58

I often get asked how I'm currently investing in cryptocurrency, so I wanted to share how I'm investing in crypto, but also importantly the infrastructure of crypto. Blockchain technology is the underlying tech that's used by cryptocurrencies. I share how you can invest in this, as well as how I'm invested in one of the biggest crypto exchanges, Coinbase. I'm also bullish ...

PLM 902 : Beginner Stock Investing Portfolio (Best Stocks For Beginners)

Oct 24 • 42:46

This is how you build a beginner stock investing portfolio that I would build if I were starting today. It will predominantly be investing in key index funds, which I'll explain, as well as some individual stocks and companies. I'll help you to work out what your risk level is and how to invest fairly comfortably, to take on more risk with individual companies. Simply put,...

PLM 901 : Amazon KDP in 2021: Strategies For Making Money Publishing Books

Oct 20 • 49:18

When I started my journey building a business I wanted to learn more about how to create passive income streams. By creating income streams online there was no limit to the success I could see. One of the passive income streams that made sense was making money publishing books on KDP (Amazon Direct Publishing). My first online product was an e-book, and it's one of the bes...

PLM 900 : How To Love Yourself ❤️

Oct 13 • 18:10

What greater force is there in the universe than love? Love is the greatest gift of life, and yet not everybody experiences it or feels it. I recently have been coaching someone who doesn't feel like they're worthy of love and that they can't receive it. Of course, they are so worthy, but if you don't love yourself first then you can only receive in proportion to that love...

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