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Are you currently working in a Product Company or even considering starting your own? In this Show, Design Manager Alex Dapunt, and Product Coach Christian Strunk are bringing people from all product functions together to talk about the key to build successful products customers love. This involvesRead more

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#77 The trap of building the first "solution"

Nov 26 • 14:22

In this episode, Alex and Christian discussed the danger of falling in love with your first idea or solution....

#76 Follow up: Asking stupid questions & playing dumb

Nov 15 • 14:46

Doing product management isn't easy. Even though, with gazillions of books that people have read, they can sometimes not execute the knowledge. In this episode, Christian and Alex took a deeper look at why that's the case. ...

#75 Asking powerful stupid questions - with Paul Ortchanian, CEO @Bainpublic

Nov 7 • 36:20

Asking great questions is a real-life superpower! Sometimes though, it's important to take a step back and ask (powerful) stupid questions, especially when you are new in a role as a product person. ...

#74 Sharing roadmaps with customers

Oct 25 • 20:09

Public roadmaps became a hot topic in the past. Christian & Alex decided to speak about the benefits of sharing your roadmap with your customers and how to define it in a way that they will understand your future plans....

#73 One year Product Bakery! 🥳 Let's do a retrospective 🧐

Oct 4 • 11:26

#72 Defining a data-driven product strategy - with Konrad Heimpel, VP Product & Data @Getsafe

Sep 26 • 35:25

The whole insurance space is very slow. At least it used to be! Konrad Heipmel's mission @Getsafe is to disrupt the insurance market. As VP of Data & Product, he shared with the Product Bakers how they focus on data to build a product that fits the market needs and solves the customer pain points....

#71 Forming & working with task forces

Sep 16 • 19:50

Many companies and teams want to become faster and speed up projects. That's a topic Christian & Alex are regularly faced with. This time they spoke about the concept of project-specific teams (task forces) and how to form them as well as their pros & cons....

#70 Remote product management & design

Sep 9 • 20:42

Alex and Christian did manage for a long time to meet and record in person again. Therefore, they picked up the topic of working remove vs. being onsite. How can and should teams decide what's best in terms of tooling and location? Tune in to learn more!...

#69 Always talk to your stakeholders

Aug 30 • 18:02

Communication can be the hardest work sometimes. Due to the fact that a lot of companies moved to remote work, it's not getting easier. This time Christian and Alex picked up the whole topic of stakeholder management and what product people can do to bond and keep up alignment. ...

#68 Work-life balance.

Aug 23 • 09:58

Alex is close to going on vacation. Therefore, he and Christian caught up on the whole topic of work-life balance....

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