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The Prodcast - all about the stars behind stellar products. We interview people who are passionate about product and ideas.

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S02E19: Things you need to know about crypto, DAOs, and Web3 ft. Manasi Vora

Nov 11 • 38:40

In this episode, Manasi Vora, Founder of Komorebi Collective and VP of Strategy & Ops at Skynet Labs, talks to Aishwarya about her journey into the world of bitcoin and DAOs. She explains why decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are increasingly growing up now, and what the future beholds for crypto. Manasi also talks about crypto-based funding and how it could he...

S02E18: You belong in tech ft. Helen Huang

Oct 29 • 35:07

In this episode, Helen Huang, Co-Founder of Co.Lab, talks to Aishwarya about how everyone can belong in tech. An earth scientist turned Product Manager and now a founder, she shares her early days of working with Zynga, GitHub and Microsoft, and how she picked the thread to start Co.Lab, a collaborator based approach to learning the skills needed to break into tech. Helen ...

S02E17: Get, set, go—the 101 of women-led entrepreneurship ft. Aarti Ramakrishnan

Oct 15 • 33:38

In this episode, Aarti Ramakrishnan, Co-Founder and COO of Crayon Data talks to Padmini about a day in the life of a woman entrepreneur—from building the tech culture ground-up and understanding the market to employee management and running operations seamlessly. Dive in to know about her journey, candid stories on what failed and what worked out, and how to accelerate wom...

S02E16: Upskilling India's tech professionals with leadership coaching ft. Aishwarya Goel

Sep 17 • 26:26

In this episode, Aishwarya Goel, Co-Founder and CEO of PeakPerformer talks to Aishwarya about grooming India's tech professionals with executive leadership. She goes on to demystify what 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching comprise of, sharing anecdotes from her prior founding and working experiences at leading startups. Having tech as a great catalyst for promoting the power of...

S02E15: Women, money, and tech ft. Chaitra Chidanand

Sep 2 • 26:37

In this episode, Chaitra Chidanand, Co-Founder of Salt and (earlier) Simpl, talks to Aishwarya about women, their money decisions, and choices that led to those decisions. Sharing personal anecdotes and experiences, she covers why there's always been a layer of fear and inhibition around investing and discusses how she's using tech as a means to solve for those utilitarian...

S02E14: Leading the global tech social entrepreneurship game ft. Anubha Maneshwar

Aug 19 • 34:44

In this episode, Anubha Maneshwar, Founder of GirlScript Foundation, talks to Aishwarya about the role of tech in the social entrepreneurship space. She discusses how learning to code isn't just enough for career preparedness and goes on to share how GirlScript is making a change in the lives of thousands of rural students in helping them learn coding, leadership skills, a...

S02E13: News as a meme service ft. Tanvi Raut Dessai

Jul 28 • 27:36

In this episode, Tanvi Raut Dessai, Founder of the news company Filter Coffee, talks to Aishwarya and Srinidy about her story of how she set up the company from its initial side project days. Filter Coffee is transforming the way media is consumed by the audience, and she throws some light on how memes became a superpower to drive business news through Filter Coffee, the j...

S02E12: How to build a curiosity-driven career in the tech world ft. Zainab Ghadiyali

Jul 14 • 21:28

In this episode, Zainab Ghadiyali, Product & Tech Leader, Ex-Facebook and Airbnb, talks to Srinidy about navigating different career paths and transitions within the tech and product space. She touches upon what it means to discover unconventional routes and also discusses her unique success stories as a leader in a gender-biased society. She breaks the silence around impo...

S02E11: How do you interact with your physical world? ft. Yana Welinder

Jun 30 • 30:21

In this episode, Yana Welinder, Co-Founder and CEO of Kraftful talks to Aishwarya about how interaction with the physical world can be made smoother and seamless with the right tech interface. She discusses her eclectic background, of combining law with product management, how building products for software and hardware industries differ, and why she's passionate about hel...

S02E10: The first-time founder lessons ft. Katharine Jiang

Jun 16 • 34:46

In this episode, Katharine Jiang, a former investor and currently the Co-Founder and CEO of WizForm, talks to Aishwarya about the good, great, and ugly things about building a business ground-up. From inspirations to applying the investor mindset, she goes on to candidly share her first-time founding lessons, how she wants to build a community for helping people kickstart ...

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