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The Powell Movement is the podcast that pushes the envelope and is designed to be the go-to show for sports enthusiasts who want to know what it takes to achieve success.

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TPM Episode 254, Jossi Wells, Pro Skier, Part 2

Nov 29 • 01:13:59

In Jossi Wells part two, we pick up talking about Jossi’s recent wedding in NZ, and then it’s back to his still going, legendary career.  We talk about being the youngest ever competitor at X, the change that comes with a sport entering an Olympic era, his Olympic experience, heading out into the backcountry and a round of ‘Inappropriate Questions’ with Tom Wallisch....

TPM Episode 253: Jossi Wells, Pro Skier

Nov 22 • 01:03:42

Jossi Wells became one of skiing’s rockstars in the 2000’s and he wasn’t one of those skiers born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was born into ski patrol, and he was destined to become a skier.  Along the way he and his family made all the right choices and he went from the little kid who shreds anything from Wanaka to an X Games Gold Medalist and an Olympian who bec...

TPM Epsiode 252: Evan Raps, MD: Pro Skier

Nov 15 • 01:09:07

Before Dr. Evan Raps, there was no hip hop in skiing, but back in the late 90’s early 2000’s , this New York kid took over the ski world and ushered in a new, fresh style to the sport. On the podcast we talk about his roots in moguls, the season that made him famous, the C-Crew, contests, filming, and too many knee surgeries…It’s a rare chat with a true innovator in the sp...

TPM Episode 251: Chris "Uncle E" Ernst Part 2, Broadcaster

Nov 8 • 01:03:01

Part 2 with Chris “Uncle E” Ernst picks up where we left off, when Uncle E was on top of the world announcing every event that mattered…but things were not as perfect as they appeared.  On the podcast we talk about the continued success, the partying, the travel, the double life, the corporate life, getting caught, disappearing for 5 years, and slowly but surely, rebuildin...

TPM Episode 250: Chris "Uncle E" Ernst, Broadcaster

Nov 1 • 01:11:39

Chris “Uncle E” Ernst is a legend on the microphone and in the ski industry.  Uncle E is known for being that wacky, zany guy on the mic who knows all the athletes, all the history, and brings the excitement of the X Games and many other events into living rooms around the world.  What you don’t know about him is his private school upbringing, cutting his teeth with bungee...

TPM Episode 249: Seth Wescott, Pro Snowboarder, 2X Olympic Gold Medalist

Oct 25 • 01:28:33

Seth Wescott has roots that go back to the 80’s in snowboarding, which means he’s old, but being that he’s won the past two Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom events, he’s now beating his peers and the ids out there…and that’s something he’s done his whole life.  From his CVA roots to Western State, the US Team, to the World Cup, to the Olympics, to riding in the big mounta...

TPM Episode 248: Lucas Wachs, Pro Skier

Oct 18 • 01:17:32

If everything is based on talent, Lucas Wachs should be a household name in skiing. But in today’s world of professional skiing, talent is expected and for better or worse, self-promotion determines how far a pro will get to some extent.  Lucas Wachs is one of those guys who isn’t comfortable promoting himself, he lets his skiing do the talking and its afforded him a 12-ye...

TPM Episode 247: Mike Arzt: Snowboard Visionary, Burton>Airwalk>The Public Works

Oct 11 • 01:12:31

Mike Arzt has been behind the scenes in the snowboard industry since he was 16 years old.  He's been a shop grunt, salesman, buyer, Burton factory store employee, RED Sales and Marketing guy, athlete tech, Blue Torch Snow Director, Airwalk employee, freelancer and eventually, entrepreneur.  He’s done everything and you’ve for sure seen some of his work….  Between the Red B...

TPM Episode 246: Corey Smith, Pro Snowboarder, Artist, Founder, Spring Break Snowboards

Oct 4 • 01:02:03

While Corey Smith is the mastermind behind the shape changing snowboard brand Spring Break Snowboards, it’s not snowboarding that defines him.  Corey is an artist first and foremost and he’s responsible for creating religions, spoof snowboard brands and some of the most popular snowboard graphics of the past decade.  If that’s not enough, he was a also a pro rider who play...

TPM Episode 245: Trennon Paynter, Olympian, Canadian Halfpipe Coach Part 2

Sep 27 • 01:15:20

Trennon Paynter is a legendary Canadian mogul skier, he’s also an Olympian for Australia, and the Head Coach of the Canadian National Halfpipe Team.  In part 2 of his podcast, we talk about going to the Olympics for another country, shifting to coaching park and pipe, his elite athletes, getting halfpipe into the Olympics, and a whole lot more. The godfather, Mike Douglas,...

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