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Hilarious interviews, intermittently jolted by DJ Douggpound's signature drops and sound bites. Guests include musicians, comedians, directors, random ass teenagers... anyone might show up. The Poundcast has no rules dude

Popular episodes

275: Tazmanian Solutions (Annoying Solutions Part 2)

Dec 3 • 01:15:54

Doug and Brent continue looking through people's annoyances and providing solutions to them.  You'll find out why the episode is called Tazmanian Solutions in the After Dark....

274: Annoying Solutions

Nov 26 • 01:31:11

Doug and Brent go one-on-one to discuss some fan-submitted annoyances as well as some more condom thoughts.  For After Dark, Doug goes on a hike while Brent watches....

273: Eugene Kotlyarenko

Nov 19 • 01:16:44

This week, filmmaker Eugene Kotlyarenko (Spree, Wobble Palace) talks to Doug and Brent about making movies on a budget, his pandemic marriage (and subsequent pandemic divorce!) and much more fun stuff. ...

272: Andre Hyland + After Dark

Nov 12 • 02:04:33

Andre Hyland joins Doug and Brent to talk all things mesh hats, Slash, and Hollywood secrets. Plus, this week’s main episode includes the After Dark so the non-Patreon Pimples get a taste of what they’re missing. ...

271: Hacky Comedy

Nov 5 • 01:14:02

This week, Doug and Brent turn off the lights and go one-on-one in a new atmosphere. They re-work some hacky comedy phrases and come up with some ideas for new theme parks. Overall, it’s a chill and fun time. Check it out!...

270: Christopher Rutledge

Oct 29 • 01:12:18

Animator extraordinaire Christopher Rutledge is on the Poundcast this week to talk all about his animation process, VR, March of the Ding Dings, and more fun stuff! The guys also come up with some new parody songs and talk about their favorite tee shirts. ...

269: Doug's Nephew

Oct 22 • 01:18:47

Doug’s nephew Cooper is this week’s guest on the Poundcast. Cooper teaches Uncle Doug and Brent all about what it’s like to be a teen in 2021. Also, stay tuned until the After Dark to learn who are the latest teen heartthrobs. ...

268: Kevin "Spanky" Long

Oct 15 • 01:17:16

Kevin “Spanky” Long is many things: a pro-skater, an overall cool dude, but most importantly, he is this week’s guest on the Poundcast! Listen to Doug, Brent, and Spanky answer some Discord questions, talk about classic looks, and discuss how to create the perfect shoe. ...

267: New Slurs

Oct 8 • 01:03:24

Have you ever wished there were more profession-based epithets? If so, you’re gonna love listening to Doug and Brent brainstorm some new slurs for different jobs. And if not, there’s lots of other funny stuff in this episode for you, OKAY? ...

266: Ian Sweet

Oct 1 • 01:16:51

This week, musician Jilian Medford aka Ian Sweet joins the boys to talk about volleyball, amateur astrology, new funeral ideas, forbidden dancing, and much more fun stuff! ...

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