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Our vision: A nerd podcast without nerd rage. Mostly. Small conversations where big nerds share fun hobbies while walking the paths less traveled in nerd culture. Most episodes contain 2-3 segments each ranging in topics including film, television, books, comics, games, trivia, and more. ExplicitRead more

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Bad Movies with Great Ideas / Most Shocking Scenes (S03E20)

Jun 8 • 59:41

In our season (and probably series) finale we take a look at how even bad movies can sometimes have really cool ideas. We also talk about the scenes from movies that shocked us the most.

00:50 - Bad Movies with Great Ideas
25:55 - Most Shocking Scenes


Thank you for listening. Be good.

tags: indiana jones, kingdom o...

Heroes We Hate / Best Deleted Scenes (S03E19)

Jun 1 • 54:08

A few episodes ago we talked about the villains that we sympathize with. Today we'll reverse it, and discuss the hero characters that we can't stand. Also: we go through some the best deleted scenes from movies.

00:50 - Heroes We Dislike or Disagree With
28:14 - Best Deleted Scenes


tags: harry potter, scott pilgri...

Best Action Movies of the Last Decade / What We've Been Watching (S03E18)

May 25 • 01:06:55

From The Raid to Fury Road, Let's breakdown the best action films from the last decade. We also talk what we've been watching recently including The Queens Gambit, Phantom Menace, Lethal Weapon, Golgo 13, and more.

00:50 - What We've Been Watching
46:33 - Best Action Movies of the Last Decade


tags: the queens gamb...

Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster (1964) / Dumbest Stuff We've Bought to Complete a Collection [S03E17]

May 18 • 56:23

If you're a nerd you probably collect stuff. If you collect stuff you've probably sought out something stupid just to complete your collection. Tommy, Skippy, and Jay touch on the fifth film in the Godzilla series 'Ghidorah, the three headed monster' from 1964.

00:50 - Dumbest Stuff We've Bought to Complete a Collection
34:11 - Movie Discussion: Ghidorah, The Three...

What Comics We've Been Reading / Favorite Emotional Scenes [S03E16]

May 11 • 01:01:29

We get into the comics we've read recently, including Superman For Tomorrow, Batman: the cult, Three Jokers, weird 70's Marvel stuff, and more. We also talk about the scenes from popcorn movies that get us in the feels.

00:50 - What Comics We've Been Reading
37:02 - Our Favorite Emotional Scenes in movies


tags: su...

Day of the Dead (1985) / Good Late Sequels [S03E15]

May 4 • 01:04:10

Tommy and Skippy discuss the underrated Romero dystopian zombie thriller 'Day of the Dead' from 1985. We also talk about good sequels that came late in a franchise's history.

00:50 - Good Late Sequels
26:39 - Movie Discussion: Day of the Dead (1985)


tags: exorcist 3, x-Men, days of future past, mad max, fury road...

Non-MARVEL/DC Comic Book Movies / What We've Been Watching [S03E14]

Apr 27 • 52:01

We discuss our favorite comic book adaptations that aren't sourced from the MARVEL or DC universes. ALSO: What we've been watching recently.

00:50 - What We've Been Watching
25:15 - Favorite Comic Book Adaptations That Aren't DC or MARVEL


tags: simpsons, tasting history, binging with babish, american murder, the v...

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993) / Actors We've Changed Our Minds About [S03E13]

Apr 20 • 01:08:38

Have you ever hated an actor? Have you ever later realized that said actor was actually really great. We get into it. Also: Tommy and Skippy talk about a Batman cartoon for a while.

00:50 - Once Disliked Actors That We Now Enjoy
22:05 - Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993)


tags: Batman, the animated series, dcau, m...

Villains You Sympathize With / What Games We've Been Playing / Trivia Game [S03E12]

Apr 13 • 01:05:41

We talk about the movie villains that we actually sympathize with, the video games we've played most recently, and play a trivia game with fictional character names.

00:50 - What Games We've Been Playing
26:13 - Trivia Game
39:09 - Villains You Sympathize With


tags: mario all stars, wild guns, kirb...

Jason and the Argonauts (1963) [S03E11]

Apr 6 • 01:00:50

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