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The Pleasure Is Ours

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We've all been led astray by bad advice: whether from a misguided parent, an ignorant mentor, or common misconceptions gossiped in high school hallways. Thankfully, The Pleasure Is Ours, the comedic podcast from Trojan and iHeartMedia, is back with SEASON 2 to continue blowing up the worst lifeRead more

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Do "Good Things Come in Small Packages?"

Dec 2 • 20:06

Do "Good Things Come in Small Packages" -- or is that just some shit we say to justify a movie like Rudy? Sure, he inspired an entire graduating class to chant his name and convince Coach Devine to let him on the football field -- but Notre Dame didn't actually need that sack, did they? Similarly, that bow-wrapped envelope under the Christmas tree could contain a crisp hun...

Is It Okay to "Bite Off More Than You Can Chew"?

Nov 18 • 23:09

While some might ponder the versatility of the phrase, "don't bite off more than you can chew," the guys on this podcast get literal...quick. So in this week's food-themed-episode of The Pleasure Is Ours, Kyle ponders whether caramel might be the stickiest thing a person could put in one's mouth while Blake reminisces a childhood affinity for shoving mozzarella sticks down...

Should You Ever "Judge a Book by its Cover?"

Nov 11 • 25:17

They say you should never judge a book by its cover—the same way you can't tell the size of a dude's junk just by the amount of big dick energy he gives off. With that said, sometimes the dude with the sketchy face tattoo is just that: straight-up sketch. And as Blake once learned: The Great Gatsby is, indeed, as boring as it looks. ...

Does "Practice Make Perfect?"

Nov 4 • 25:23

Obviously, practicing is the only way to get good at something, but can it really make you perfect? ...And is perfection something we should be striving for anyway? Perhaps's better to just give up. In this episode of The Pleasure is Ours, we enumerate the many skills the boys have failed to hone over the years: cup stacking, hacky-sacking, skateboarding, an...

Are There "Plenty of Fish In The Sea"?

Oct 28 • 23:43

Are there "plenty of fish in the sea"—or is the age-old saying meant to convey that we have no shot with humans and should stick our dicks in the ocean? In this episode of The Pleasure Is Ours, the fellas dissect that piece of advice meant to mend a broken heart, "There are plenty of fish in the sea," and see if they can amend the outdated adage for 2021. Along the way, Ky...

Is "Don't Quit Your Day Job" An All-Out Burn?

Oct 21 • 21:01

Is "Don't Quit Your Day Job" decent advice...or just a not-so-subtle way to tell someone you think they suck? Well, who better to debate the matter at hand than our Season 2 hosts, the dudes from Workaholics?! Join Adam "Boner Breaker" Devine, Anders "Nipple Play" Holm, Blake "Handjob Assassin" Anderson, and Kyle "Sneakin' In The Shadows" Newacheck as they find the subtle ...

SEASON 2: With New Hosts—The Dudes From WORKAHOLICS!

Oct 14 • 02:19


Noel Miller: “If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say, Don't Say Anything At All”?

Nov 19 • 46:46

People claim that “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” And you know who might need to hear this? The random YouTube commentor who called Cody a “gay rabbit-ass looking f***.” It’s 2020, people; let’s normalize gay rabbits! On the season finale of The Pleasure is Ours, Cody is joined by his bestie — director, rapper, actor, and YouTube sensat...

Rich Brian: Why “Everything Happens For A Reason” Needs To Go

Nov 12 • 45:55

I mean, sure, “everything happens for a reason,” but isn’t that kind of like saying, “water is wet?” On this episode of The Pleasure is Ours, host Cody Ko is joined by rapper, musician, and hilarious internet personality Rich Brian in a discussion that pins the concept of fate against those of hard work and determination. As someone who taught himself English and then got ...

Demi Adejuyigbe: Why “Don’t Shit Where You Eat” Might Be Shitty Advice

Nov 5 • 45:46

They say “don’t shit where you eat,” but most of our social circles largely consist of the people we work with. Well...shit! On this episode of The Pleasure is Ours, Cody is joined by comedian slash writer Demi Adejuyigbe (Gilmore Guys, The Good Place, The Amber Ruffin Show) to discuss the complexities of dating a coworker. When power dynamics are at play, the boys agree t...

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