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The Pilgrimage Saga


Welcome aboard the R.I.N. Starstrider. This is your captain speaking. You are listening to an audio drama about five humans and an AI trying to find home. Captain Harris is here to complete her mission and keep her crew in one piece. First Mate Casana is here because it sounds like an adventureRead more

Popular episodes

2.6. The Long Way Home

May 23 • 38:41

The Starstrider crew become suspicious when offered the opportunity to phone home. You shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but some people aboard the ship seem to know a lot more than they're letting on......

BONUS: Leslie

May 9 • 22:21

The Case of the Missing Medical Assistant: Leslie gets a visit from a family friend....

BONUS: Gabriel

Apr 4 • 24:06

The Brish School of Robotics holds its own interesting variety of occupants....

2.5. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Morons

Mar 21 • 29:20

When an Eshian vessel requests permission to dock, Captain Harris believes it to be for diplomatic purposes. But she and the rest of the crew get more than they bargained for when the Eshian Commander fields an extraordinary proposition....


Mar 7 • 16:22

Mika is confronted with a choice when her future rears its head....

2.4. The Ghost in the Machine

Feb 22 • 36:55

Harris and Armstrong have questions. Gabriel has a secret. Meanwhile, Sascha goes exploring and makes a remarkable discovery on the Bridge…...

2.3. Message Received

Feb 10 • 21:21

After recovering Darcey Eldridge’s data drive, the rest of the crew make the decision to listen to the contents. It’s difficult to be pleased with a discovery when what you find out could very well kill you....

2.2. A Day in the Life of Dr. Lee Armstrong

Jan 25 • 27:10

It’s Dr. Armstrong’s least favourite day of the year: the bi-annual crew check-up. Armed with her stethoscope and more antiseptic than you can shake a stick at, Armstrong is determined to round up the crew and give them the examination they’re due, whether they like it or not....

2.1. Big Fish, Small Pond

Jan 11 • 26:42

An exhausted Gabriel is coerced into a semi-regular sleep schedule. Sascha and Armstrong make a discovery. Meanwhile, Harris visits the monster in the basement....

BONUS (LIVE): Access Denied

Dec 23 • 11:53

This episode was performed live at the London Podcast Festival showcase: it features Rosie Curry, Emily Curtis and Francesca Mylod-Ford. You may find that the sound is a little quieter in some areas, and might want to consider turning your volume up during the live performance section....

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