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The Philosopher's Arms

Matthew Sweet examines philosophical problems with a live audience in a pub

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Feb 28 • 27:32

Cake or Biscuit?

Feb 28 • 28:06
Is a Jaffa Cake a cake or a biscuit? A tough question for Matthew Sweet and the drinkers at The Philosopher's Arms, a pub offering both beer and philosophy. Among those helping him resolve this important conundrum are a Cambridge professor of philosophy and a former winner of the Great British Bake Off, who will be turning up in the pub with a very large, and possibly quit...


Feb 28 • 28:07
What's wrong with hypocrisy? The Philosopher's Arms, everyone's favourite abstract pub, is back with a pint and a philosophical conundrum. This week, presenter Matthew Sweet is joined at at the bar by philosopher Lisa Bortolotti and political scientist David Runciman. Plus human rights activist, Peter Tatchell, who in the past has publicly exposed people whom he has accuse...

Future People

Dec 21 • 27:58

Hate Speech

Dec 14 • 27:59

Weakness of Will

Dec 8 • 27:52

Lying and Misleading

Nov 30 • 27:48

Sex Equality

Oct 6 • 27:59
Pints and philosophical problems with Matthew Sweet. Each week the programme examines a knotty philosophical issue: this week, sex equality and pay. Should we expect women to make up 50% of senior positions and, if they do not, is that evidence of discrimination? In the pub for this episode is the philosopher Janet Radcliffe Richards.

Producer: David Edmonds...


Sep 22 • 27:45
Pints and Philosophical Problems with Matthew Sweet. This week, the problem of induction: are we justified in predicting the future on the basis of what's happened in the past? How do we know that the sun will rise tomorrow? In the snug with Matthew is philosopher Helen Beebee, discussing a conundrum which faces all of us in our daily life - and which raises profound quest...


Sep 15 • 27:58

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