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The Perfect RIA

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The Perfect RIA (TPR) is a financial advisor practice that delivers massive value to clients, operates with hyper effectiveness, and enjoys a life of passion. More specifically, TPRs deliver value allowing them to charge above average fees, have systems that deliver a return on time north of $1,000Read more

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Reading Time with Jarvis - Delivering Massive Value, Freeloaders by Matthew Jarvis

Nov 24 • 10:50

Follow Up Friday - Surge Meetings Can't Work

Nov 19 • 05:08

Tips from the Trenches - To Delegate or Not To Delegate

Nov 17 • 09:16

Surge Meetings Can't Work [Episode 131]

Nov 15 • 32:42

If you’re like most financial advisors, you want to add value, do good work for your clients, and live a good life in the process. Unfortunately, having meetings scattered throughout your week makes it hard to get ahead of your other work. So if you’ve heard of surge meetings but don’t think this approach will work for you, make sure to tune in to this episode because Matt...

Follow Up Friday - What Did You Read This Month?

Nov 12 • 04:09

Reading Time with Jarvis - Delivering Massive Value, Firing PITAS by Matthew Jarvis

Nov 10 • 09:51

What Did You Read This Month? [Episode 130]

Nov 8 • 27:47

When growing a practice, it is essential that you are consuming new information and staying on top of improved technologies or implementations as they become available. However, this does not mean simply watching the news as it relates to your industry. This means consuming books, media, or other information that is going to help you deliver massive value to your clients. ...

Follow Up Friday - Client Graduation

Nov 5 • 03:50

Tips from the Trenches - Team Training

Nov 3 • 05:24

Client Graduation [Episode 129]

Nov 1 • 30:25

The decision to graduate a client can be incredibly hard. You may have worked with them for many years, or you may know them outside of your practice. However, if your client is not fitting your processes and you find yourself consistently making exceptions for them, it may be time to let them go. So, in this episode, Micah and Matthew will be explaining how you can respec...

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