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Heidi, also known as The Parent and Baby Coach, hosts real and honest conversations on key parenting topics and conversations including adjusting to Motherhood, Sleep, Reflux, Weaning, Parenting Hacks, Fussy Eating, Toddler Behaviour and much more. Join Heidi weekly for an in-depth look at some ofRead more

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Season 3 Episode 2: Separation Anxiety and Sleep

Dec 1 • 38:51

Has your little one ever experienced separation anxiety? Are you experiencing it now, and looking for ways to manage it? I think parenting through separation anxiety has been one of the MOST difficult parts about being a mum—so if you’re finding it hard, you’re not alone! In this episode, I’m talking all about separation anxiety: what it looks like, how to manage it when i...

Season 3 Episode 1: “Normal” Infant Sleep

Nov 17 • 33:43

I am so excited to be back for a 3rd series of The Parent and Baby Coach – The Podcast! I’ll be covering all of the topics you wanted to hear before, starting today with “normal” infant sleep. What is “normal” sleep for a little one, anyway? You might be surprised to hear I believe there is no such thing! In this episode, I’m sharing what normal ACTUALLY looks like, the TO...

Season 2 Episode 20: A Live Client Consultation

Jun 30 • 44:24

If you’ve been trying to sort sleep with your little one, but aren’t seeing any results – then this one’s for you! For this last episode of the series, I am bringing you a live client consultation! On this week’s show, I invite Antonia to tell me all about her little one’s sleep challenges as we walk through the consultation process. Join us as I begin to help her on the r...

Season 2 Episode 19: Sleep Regressions

May 19 • 35:58

Does it seem like months of blissful sleep have turned into waking at all hours of the night for no apparent reason? You are not alone if you are experiencing a sleep setback with your little one – but there are things you can do about it! In today’s episode, I am diving into sleep regressions – the reasons why they might happen, the common ages they occur (and why that ma...

Season 2 Episode 18: Baby Tongue Tie with Samantha Tanak

May 12 • 34:49

Does your baby have tongue tie? This can be a frustrating topic for any parent and it can be difficult to identify if your little one is struggling with it. In today’s episode, I speak with Samantha Tanak of Baby Tongue Tie all about tongue tie – some common signs to help you identify it in your little one, the ways it can affect weaning and other development, and what to ...

Season 2 Episode 17: Unpicking Self-Settling

May 5 • 28:24

If your little one is struggling with sleep – whether it’s early waking, multiple night wakings, or short daytime naps – you are not alone, but there are tools to help! In today’s episode, I talk all about self-settling – what it really means, how I have used this technique to help my clients (and my own 2 boys), and why it can be the key to helping your little one (and yo...

Season 2 Episode 16: Reflux and Milk

Apr 28 • 31:52

If your little one is struggling with symptoms of reflux, don’t worry – you are not alone! As a sleep consultant and mum of 2 reflux babies, I know this struggle is real! In today’s episode, I take you through the important topic of reflux as it relates to diet – how to know if your baby’s (or your) diet is causing their symptoms, a look at the different milk substitutions...

Season 2 Episode 15: Choosing the Best Childcare Setting for Your Little One

Apr 21 • 47:29

Are you thinking about returning to work? Maybe you just need a little child-free time to get some things done? In today’s episode, I give you the scoop on the three most common childcare providers – what they each provide, and the most important factors for you to consider so you can choose the best setting for your little one with less anxiety and more confidence....

Season 2 Episode 14: Making Sleep Flexible

Apr 14 • 41:21

Your little one is now in a good, structured routine and their sleep is sorted, but now you’re wondering – how on earth do I maintain this lovely sleep and still have a life outside the house? In today’s episode, I take you through my top tips for helping your little one sleep while you’re out and about so you can leave the home with confidence and start living your life a...

Season 2 Episode 13: Tips for Toddler Night Waking

Mar 24 • 33:11

If you have a toddler that is struggling with frequent night wakings – whether this issue has been ongoing since day dot, or is a recent issue – then tune in, because this episode is for you! On this week’s show, I talk all about toddler night waking (12 months and up) – how much sleep we are aiming for, what roadblocks come up that stop them from sleeping well, and what w...

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