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Join top-40 Physical Therapy Influencer, Doc Jen, and her Physical Therapy husband Dr. Dom, as they bring you the body tips and PT Pearls you need to help you understand your body, relieve your pains and restrictions, and answer your questions. Along with expert guests, the goal of The Optimal BodyRead more

Popular episodes

123 | Pregnancy and Delivery In America with Dr. Fraboni

Jul 28 • 54:59

Curious about healthcare in America, Getting ready for pregnancy? Pregnant and want to optimize your delivery? Dr. Fraboni covers it all! We dive straight into the biases within the healthcare system, especially in the context of pregnancy and labor, and how competition tends to disrupt the power of collaboration. Dr. Frabroni explores his training with nurses and midwives...

122 | Flat Feet - Is there a fix?

Jul 26 • 27:01

Got Flat Feet? You’re in luck. DocJen & Dr. Dom unravels the misconceptions surrounding flat feet. Firstly, they explain the importance of focussing on function, rather than structure. With more and more research, science is shifting away from scan, structure, and alignments indicating pain, injury, or dysfunction. They describe the different types of flat feet, their prev...

121 | The Mindset Behind Recovery of Persistent Pain with Kristi Block

Jul 21 • 37:41

Dealing with persistent pain? Physical Therapists deal with them too! Kristi Block walks the path of her passion with physical therapy and where her interests stemmed from. She explores the balance between educating on an online platform and her ability to physically manipulate in person. Through this, she explores the perks of simple education online and where her goals a...

120 | Torn Rotator Cuff - What to do for your Shoulder Pain!

Jul 19 • 24:56

Been diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury? Shoulder acting up? Dr. Jen & Dr. Dom decipher different diagnoses you can get with rotator cuff injuries: tendonitis, tendinosis, shoulder impingements, and tearing of the rotator cuff. In doing so, they explain the anatomy of the shoulder, specifically honing on which diagnoses are most popular for each of the four rotator cuff ...

119 | Food Freedom through Intuitive Eating & Somatic Healing with Keri Ford

Jul 14 • 41:53

Caught up in a binge-restrict cycle? Can’t seem to truly practice intuitive eating? Feeling powerless with food choices? If you are struggling with the concept of naturally moderating your portion sizes, this one's for you. Keri ford, holistic health specialist, provides insight into approaching your relationship with food through a perspective of healing with a deeper roo...

118 | DeQuervains Syndrome- Wrist Pain or Thumb Swelling?

Jul 12 • 18:29

Pain or swelling around the thumb side of your wrist? This PT Pearl gives you the rundown on what might be up! Dr. Jen & Dr. Dom dive into what DeQuervains Syndrome and the tendons associated with it. Also known as Gamer's thumb and Mother's thumb, Dr. Dom coins the term "Mellenial's Thumb," discussing the association between the use of technology and DeQuervian's syndrome...

117 | Nutrition and Supplement Masterclass with Expert Fomulator, Shawn Wells

Jul 7 • 47:13

Let’s talk about optimizing nutrition to combat aging, disease, and weight management. Shawn starts the conversation by taking us through his path in deciding to leave the traditional medical and healthcare system, and use his expertise to provide guidance on truly experiencing longevity. Maybe, Salt, Fat, and Cholesterol are not as bad as we think it is? Shawn unveils the...

116 | Pez Anserine Bursitis - Pain on the Inside of the Knee

Jul 5 • 20:13

Been Diagnosed with Pez Anserine Bursitis? Have pain to swelling around your lower knee area? Dr. Jen & Dr. Dom decipher Pez Anserine Bursitis, breaking down the term, diagnosis, and anatomy associated with the diagnosis. They explain common symptoms and dive into common contributions to the diagnosis. With its prevalence seen commonly amongst athletes and in conjunction w...

115 | Belcampo Regenerative Farming and Organic Meats with CEO Anya Fernald

Jun 30 • 43:14

Wonder what the difference is between grass-fed and grass-finished meat? Curious to learn about regenerative farming? Interested in how the omega 3:6 ratio matters in your meat? Tune in as Anya deciphers the world of meat. Starting off with her story and how her transition from eating vegetarian to eating meat, she speaks from within as she explains what drove and still dr...

114 | Posterior Pelvic Tilt - What is it & Should I be Concerned?

Jun 28 • 23:04

Has someone told you that you have a posterior pelvic tilt? Or have you noticed it yourself? Maybe you’re confused between the pelvic tilts? Dr. Jen & Dr. Dom dive into the differences between anterior and pelvic tilt while honing in on the idea that structure does NOT necessarily correlate with your pain or symptoms through research. With awareness as a focal point, they ...

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