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The Optimal Body


Join top-40 Physical Therapy Influencer, Doc Jen, and her Physical Therapy husband Dr. Dom, as they bring you the body tips and PT Pearls you need to help you understand your body, relieve your pains and restrictions, and answer your questions. Along with expert guests, the goal of The Optimal BodyRead more

Popular episodes

160 | Understanding Breathwork to Reduce Pain and Reduce Inflammation

Dec 6 • 23:20

What is Breathwork? What makes it a hot topic? Let's dive into the science of breathwork and how it relates to the autonomic nervous system. DocJen & Dr. Dom dive into stress and recovery and how breath can be one simple tool to access the different states. They describe the differences between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, how they related to princi...

159 | Overcoming Eating Disorders and Finding Food Freedom with Kelsey Heenan

Dec 1 • 43:06

Wanting to fix your relationship with food? Had experience with an eating disorder? Wanting out of your eating disorder? Know that you are not alone! Kelsey Heenan, takes us through an emotional ride as she describes her eating disorder journey, her thoughts, and exactly how she was feeling as she tried to navigate her overriding, fearful, and anxiety-inducing thoughts aro...

158 | Our Top 5 Tips to Optimizing the Way Your Body Feels

Nov 29 • 23:00

Consistency, awareness, accountability/community, grace/compassion, individuality. Do these resonate with you? To DocJen ad Dr.Dom, these ideas mold the path to finding what's optimal within your body and how you can truly begin to feel something different. They dive into The Optimal Body Membership and the Jen Platform, and how these concepts manifest through the toolbox ...

157 | Baby Development and Play with Pediatric Therapist, Kailee Noland

Nov 24 • 44:30

Curious about baby development? Feel like your parent-worth is defined by the visible developmental stage of your baby? Wanting to optimize the physical and neurological development of your baby? Kailee, a pediatric physical therapist, walks you through her top tips in navigating self-worth as a parent and how it relates to baby development, as well as her approach to find...

156 | Listener Q&A: Pelvic Floor, Ankle Popping and Coaching Cues!

Nov 22 • 32:31

Worried about noises in your ankle? Can you stop bodywork if you improve mobility? Thinking about working with your significant other? Thinking about investing in a pair of Vivo Barefoot shoes? DocJen & Dr. Dom dive into it all, providing their insights on coaching beginners, the power of mobility, the pelvic floor, breaking stigmas around working with your partner, the no...

155 | Cultivating A Healthy Mindset to Build Healthy Habits with Luka Hocevar

Nov 17 • 53:15

Commitment, Excellence, Respect. Resonate with these values? Luka shines a light on topics of identity, an individual's narrative, self-esteem, and confidence as characteristics of cultivating a healthy mindset to build healthy habits.  To start off, Luka discusses the philosophy he currently lives his life by and shares four values that help him cultivate the unique cultu...

154 | Do Your Shoulders Snap, Crackle & Pop?! Find Out What It Means!

Nov 15 • 27:13

Shoulder popping left right and center? Hearing or feeling weird noises from your shoulder? Let's combat your assumptions about what is happening in the shoulder in this episode! DocJen & Dr. Dom explain the medical diagnosis - shoulder crepitus- for noises in the shoulder. Explaining the anatomy of the shoulder, they break down the types of noises that could be associated...

153 | Getting Real About Movement with Kaisa Keranen

Nov 10 • 50:57

“You are an athlete if you have a body." Kaisa, the co-founder of Just Move, spills the truths about movement, recovery, and how it all relates to finding your truth and freedom within the body. Kaisa goes way back to middle school and high school, sharing her journey with navigating body confidence, fitting in, and athletic ability as an adolescent. She shares how she ove...

152 | Meniscus Injury: When is Surgery Necessary?

Nov 8 • 23:00

Is meniscus injury worrying you? Considering surgery but feel like there's a way out? Dr. Jen & Dr. Dom dive into the anatomy of the Menisci, potential causes, and which populations tend to be of higher risk. Then, Dr. Dom shares his journey with his Meniscus injury, speaking into his mistakes and his post-rehabilitation. Dr. Jen & Dr. Dom discuss their perspective on surg...

151 | Understanding the Health Benefits of Nasal Breathing and Breathwork

Nov 3 • 45:37

Wondering what the hype is around nasal breathing?  Brian Mackenzie is on for the second time to explain the science behind breath and how it can modulate panic, anxiety, and pain. Brian discusses how we can control our breathing to upregulate or downregulate the body, and the power in-breath, and how it can potentially take you off pharmaceuticals. In light of his Nosevem...

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