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Four doofuses discuss music with none of the bona fides required to do so. Every Thursday we chose four albums that best represent an extremely specific genre of music, (for instance Roadtripping to a Funeral, Dish Washing, Music to Buy a Boat To), and through a very "scientific" andRead more

Popular episodes

TOGA 410 - The Final Year of Capitalsim

Jan 9 • 27:58

Get your guillotine-specific whetstones and means-of-production-seizing gloves ready, because 2020 is capitalism's final year. We're calling it. Kyle tries to make it light, David tries to make it right, Matt stands in the brand...


Jan 2 • 46:57

We call this one TOGA 409 because we're starting off with a clean slate...

TOGA 406 - Get The Last Turboman Action Figure By Any Means Necessary

Dec 12 • 34:26

In this episode, we're talking about a movie none of us have seen and all the toys we wish we got for Christmas. David gets becomes mainstream, Kyle does his best, and Matt is just crazy about cool knives...

TOGA 405 - A Very [Insert TOGA Boi Here] Christmas Special

Dec 5 • 45:53

We're getting BEEFY this Christmas with a longer episode and a bigger cast list. Internet hearthrob??? Richie from Saucewise joins us for the first time since the last time a different 6 months after he last put out an episode of his podcast to talk about what we think our Christmas Specials would be like. David calls his grandma, Matt is naturally depressed, Kyle desperat...

TOGA 404 - Distracting Your Family From Talking About Politics

Nov 28 • 43:44

More like Episode Not Found, am I right fellow nerds? ...

TOGA 308 - To Use As Walk-Up Music For Your 10-Year High School Reunion

Nov 21 • 37:57

It's a weird one, folks! Both the idea that the people you rolled with in high school have improved in 10 years and this ep. Kyle is off doing something else, so it's just David and Matt! And we produce 35+ minutes of content, so legally we have met our obligations. HANDLE IT. ...

TOGA 403 - Unhaunting Your House

Nov 14 • 31:40

Now that you've had your fun with ghost boners, it's time to get these spirits outta here. And nothing gets ghosts running away quite like Matt going on an uniterrupted 10 minute testimonial about some ulltra bro trying to fight every ghost. It's a good 'un. ...

TOGA 402 - Setting The Mood For A Sexy Seance

Nov 7 • 37:31

This is about as TOGA as it gets. We're talking ghosts, we're talking boners, we're talking ghost boners, and Kyle hates every second of it. Settle down to this collapsible table I got from Costco and let's get freaky with some ghosties. ...

TOGA 401 - Running From The Killer In The Movie Through The Woods

Oct 31 • 39:23

We're back from the deeeaaaad! Againnnnnn...

TOGA 307 - Walking Home Drunk After The Only Party You Attended In High School Got Broken Up By The Cops

Oct 3 • 34:58

It's my turn to write the show description, and I have a cold, so I'm gonna half ass it. Don't drink and drive, kids. ...

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