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The One Percent Better Podcast


Imagine how your life would be transformed if you could get 1% better every day. Every Sunday since 2017, your host Joe Ferraro (@FerraroOnAir) releases a new episode designed to help you improve your mindset, language, and behavior.

Popular episodes

Ep. 206: April Dunford 1% Better Positioning

Nov 21 • 55:17

My guest today is April Dunford....

Ep. 205: What Makes a Damn Good Conversation?

Nov 14 • 12:13

This week I share a one-of-a-kind tool I have been working on that is designed to help people understand what makes a damn good conversation. ...

Ep. 204: Gair Maxwell 1% Better Legends

Nov 7 • 01:05:03

It's a pleasure to share my conversation with Gair Maxwell....

Ep. 203: How Do We Create 1% Better Chemistry?

Oct 31 • 17:21

This week is the start of a damn good conversation....

Ep. 202: Andrew Warner 1% Better Interviews

Oct 24 • 53:10

Andrew Warner has conducted over 2,100 interviews! Today he reveals the tactics and techniques that have helped him build his million dollar business and learn anything from anyone. ...

Ep. 201: No One Is Seeing Your Content

Oct 17 • 12:22

This week's episode comes from a damn good conversation with Ross Simmonds....

Ep. 200: Molly Fletcher 1% Better Energy

Oct 3 • 58:12

Thanks to each and every listener who helped this podcast reach Episode 200. ...

Ep. 199: What Would Mike Tomlin Do?

Sep 26 • 12:49

Here's the link to check out the course Damn Good Questions...

Ep. 198: Thomas Kemeny 1% Better Copywriting

Sep 19 • 52:54

This week's damn good conversation is here!...

Ep. 197: The Power of Ankle Weights

Sep 12 • 10:05

This week I bring on a special family member to help drive home a powerful idea.  ...

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