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The OneMind Meditation Podcast with Morgan Dix: Meditation | Mindfulness | Health

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How on earth can you squeeze meditation into the accelerating pace of a 21st century lifestyle? On OneMind we explore the art of meditation and mindfulness and interview meditation teachers and every day practitioners. We share tips and find stories that illuminate why this ancient practice mattersRead more

Popular episodes

OM104 – On a Mahamudra Meditation Retreat with Vajrayana Master Daniel P. Brown

Feb 18 • 28:19

OM103 - Sanjay Rawal On Meditation, Running, and Self Transcendence

Dec 19 • 01:05:49

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OM102: Julie Hunt On Finding Equanimity Amid Uncertainty

Oct 14 • 51:09

OM101 – Jeff Carreira on Finding Equanimity Amid Uncertainty

Aug 7 • 01:03:39

OM100: Loving Kindness Guided Meditation

Mar 22 • 16:05

OM099 – Pt 2. Dr. Dan Brown Mahamudra Pointing Out The Great Way

Feb 16 • 01:06:50

OM098 – Pt 1. Dan Brown PhD Mahamudra Pointing Out The Great Way

Feb 9 • 36:57

OM097 - The Mindful Arts Project with Hui Neng Amos

Nov 19 • 01:13:14

The Mindful Arts Project Hui Nenghttps://aboutmeditat…angleHuiNengAmos.png 700w, https://aboutmeditat…NengAmos-300x169.png 300w, https://aboutmeditat…NengAmos-504x284.png 504w, https://aboutmeditat…NengAmos-200x113.png 200w, https://aboutmeditat…NengAmos-600x338.png 600w" sizes="(max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px">Over 25 years ago, I attended boarding school and got to live, work, and study with some remark...

OM096 Harnessing The Power of Intention & Creating A Virtuous Habit Loop

Oct 28 • 25:56

What is intention and why is it one of the most important pillars of meditation and our spiritual life in general?

Two events brought this to mind for me recently and they were important enough to me that I wanted to share them.

And for context, I've thought a lot about intention. When I lived full time in a meditation ashram for 13 years, the bedrock of our practice in the ...

OM095 – Early Mornings, Intermittent Fasting, And Tips To Propel Your Practice

Sep 3 • 24:31

How do you keep your meditation practice strong and steady? How do you stay inspired? In this episode, I share some of the things that have added fuel to my fire and helped a lot to keep my meditation practice fruitful.

In particular, we explore the power of getting up early as a way to boost your practice. For me, it's a game changer. I went from never setting an alarm to ...

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