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When three high school students from modern-day Pennsylvania find themselves trapped in a world of wizards, elves, and feudal intrigue, they must learn to survive in their new surroundings, and undertake an epic quest to save the world from the encroaching forces of chaos. WARNING: This Audio DramaRead more

Popular episodes

Paul is Crowdfunding a Feature Film!

Dec 13 • 34:23

Today, a conversation with Paul Notice (Nelson, Antonin Mooncrest, Ensemble) about WILLOW, an Afrofuturist, Womanist, Anti-Capitalist horror film that he’s currently raising money for....

Showcase: HARLEM QUEEN by Yhane Smith

Oct 4 • 40:52

Today’s bonus content is a showcase featuring HARLEM QUEEN by Yhane Smith. ...

Feed Drop for Charity! MARS’ BEST BRISKET

Sep 20 • 03:14

A few of our buds from around the Audio Fiction world have created a limited-run Audio Comedy Series for charity. They’ll be putting episodes out this coming week to raise money for Lovin’ Spoonfuls, a food rescue in Massachusetts. ...

Minisodes 003-004

Aug 30 • 15:11

We’re back, with another batch of scripted minisodes!...

Showcase: WITCHEVER PATH by Steven & Jas LaFond

Aug 16 • 59:05

This week’s bonus content is another in our showcase series. Today we’re featuring WITCHEVER PATH by Steven & Jas LaFond. It’s an audio drama anthology series where audience interaction determines the course of the story! ...

Minisodes 001 – 002

Jul 26 • 19:58

We are so excited to present to you our first batch of scripted minisodes!...

New Scripted Content Announcement!

Jul 19 • 07:48

We are very happy to announce that new scripted content is coming your way on July 26! That’s next week! You’re gonna hear two “minisodes,” that is short vignettes that are canonical to our story world but outside the scope of the main story (and produced fully socially distantly.)...

Showcase: STARCALLED by Gabriel Alvarez

Jul 12 • 33:56

Today’s bonus content is the next in our Showcase series, this time featuring Gabriel Alvarez and his space opera STARCALLED. ...

Showcase: JANUS DESCENDING by Jordan Cobb

Jun 28 • 48:00

Today’s show is the first in a series of Bonus episodes where we’ll highlight the work of another creator in the audio drama/audio fiction space through a brief interview and by playing a selection from their work. We’re starting with JANUS DESCENDING, the sci-fi horror saga by Jordan Cobb....

Audio Bonus Content #27 - Commentary for "Monsters"

Jun 14 • 01:24:53

Today’s Bonus Content is something new we tried recording, back in late April (i.e. approximately 7000 years ago). Several of us recorded a commentary track for Book 1, Chapter 4 – “Monsters,” released all the way back in the spring of 2014....

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