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Zachary Ramey is a native of Chicago were he developed a love and passion for the game of basketball. He played at the college level, and had a professional career that saw stops in Canada, Poland, and Finland. The Off The Glass Podcast is here to provide a fresh, intelligent, thought provokingRead more

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The Most Unique NBA Player Ever!

Nov 18 • 21:01

Early Season Superstar Struggles

Nov 8 • 38:07

Early Season Thoughts (MVP, Eastern & Western Conference)

Nov 1 • 31:00

Zach is back with his first episode of the 2021 season. He offers some early thoughts on his breakout players in both conferences. He discussed the teams who are playing well early, and teams that are struggling early. Also he discusses his early MVP candidates of the season. Make sure to drop a rating and a review, share, subscribe, and follow....

NBA Player Rankings Chess Piece Breakdown ( Kings & Queens)

Oct 18 • 21:12

The NBA season starts this week and Zach closes out his Player rankings for the 2021 season with the Queens and Kings. If you have been listening up to this point you guess the final names, but you have to tune in to here the final order. The Off The Glass Podcast is available on streaming platforms, please rate, review, share, follow, and subscribe. Link below for all hti...

NBA Player Rankings Chess Piece Breakdown (Bishops, Rooks)

Oct 11 • 22:35

As we inch closer to the start of the NBA season Zach continues his player rankings for this season using pieces of the chessboard. This week he gives you his bishops and rooks as he works his way to the top spot the Kings. This is an unique podcast bringing a fresh look at how NBA players should be ranked. Share, Rate, Review, Follow, and subscribe. Tap the link for all t...

NBA Player Rankings Chess Piece Breakdown (Pawns, Knights)

Oct 4 • 29:34

With NBA training camp now in full swing Zach gives you his top player rankings using the pieces of the chessboard. Each week his going to breakdown two pieces this week was the pawns and the knights. Make sure to check back in each monday as he works his way all the way to the Kings. Share, subscribe, follow, rate, and review. ...

Who You Got? James Harden or D Wade

Sep 20 • 28:02

In the final episode of his four part series Zach closes out the series with a bang. He takes a look at James Harden and Dwyane Wade. The battle of two of the best shooting guards in NBA history. Zach is asking can one player have the better career, but not be the better player? Tune in as Zach lays out the argument for both players. Who You Got? Follow Zach on Twitter at

Jamal Crawford

Sep 13 • 28:17

Twenty year NBA veteran 3x sixth man of the year winner Jamal Crawford joined the podcast. They had incredible conversation about his summer pro-am in his hometown of Seattle Washington. They talked Chicago street basketball culture, and his experience playing in the "low end" tournament in the infamous Ickes projects, and IIT. They closed discussing the art of ballhandlin...

Who You Got? Ep.3 Isiah Thomas Steph Curry

Sep 6 • 22:11

Who You Got? Bird or KD Ep.2

Aug 30 • 23:27

Zach brings you part 2 of his series Who You Got? In this episode he takes a look at two of the best small forwards to ever play Larry Bird and Kevin Durant. Zach asks and answers can a player have a better career, but not be the better player? Make to follow Zach on Twitter Zach@TheOffTheGlass and participate in the poll who you got Bird or KD? Share, like, comment, subsc...

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