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The Nurse Practitioners Lifeline


This podcast is for anyone in medicine who is like me, and loves to stay up-to-date on the most current medical information. But, finds themselves having a little difficulty getting the extra time to read. Join me, as we make the nooks and crannies of your life as productive as possible. I vow toRead more

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Episode 11 - drug interactions

Apr 19 • 14:56
Do you know the top medications that interact with warfarin? Do you know which anabiotic is an absolute contraindication and would warrant malpractice if you prescribe somebody who’s on warfarin? If not you really need to pop in and listen to this short podcast that will help you not only know the answer these questions but a way to easily remember them for life so you kno...

Episode 10 - Meditation for the Mom in Medicine

Apr 1 • 09:17
Today’s episode is a little bit different. I’ve had a massive amount of requests for one of my meditations therefore I decided to try one as a podcast. It’s a little bit different because of the editing that is allowed with a podcast. However I hope that it blesses you in many ways I am as always so thankful for any feedback and recommendations you can always reach me @dr....

Episode 9 - The Nurse Practitioners Lifeline

Mar 18 • 12:36

Learning the Cytochrome P450 System

Mar 8 • 14:52

Overwhelm for Moms in Medicine

Feb 25 • 11:03

Episode 6 - Adverse Drug Reactions to Monitor For: The Nurse Practitioners Lifeline

Feb 9 • 14:25
Hey y’all what is up? I’m so excited about today’s podcast cause one that I really and truly wish that I had in my back pocket whenever I first started practicing family medicine.

This is short and sweet but packed with tons of great information that I am sure will help enhance your practice and or your studies!

Correction within the podcast: the group is “strong as a mother...

Episode 5 - The Nurse Practitioners Lifeline

Jan 30 • 10:11

Episode 4 - The Nurse Practitioners Lifeline

Jan 17 • 12:10
Simple & fun trick to remember the difference between first, secondary, & third degree heart blocks. I even provided a simple visual for you. (See below)

As always, none of the information in this podcast is indicated to...

Episode 3 - The Nurse Practitioners Lifeline

Dec 30 • 14:55
ACLS part 2: let’s talk when we use amiodarone, atropine, verses adenosine...what are the different time frames for each guideline? How long do you have for tPa? Verses door to balloon time? And how do we keep it all straight?! That’s what I’m here for friends!

Show note: “99 red balloons” is the song by Nena (a German artist) that I have given you the homework of listenin...

Episode 2 - ACLS: The Nurse Practitioner’s Lifeline

Dec 23 • 14:56
Super excited to share this one!

Have you ever been retaking your ACLS and thought,
“Is it 300 of amino or Epi?”
“Is it and 3 mg of Epi every min or 1 mg of Epi every 3 minutes?”
“Is it adenosine or amino for VT/VF or Brady?”
Is it compressions at a rate of 100 or 60.. is it a ratio of 30:2 or 60:2?”

Well I have good news for you!! You no longer have to have these thoughts!


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