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Every weekday, NPR's best political reporters are there to explain the big news coming out of Washington and the campaign trail. They don't just tell you what happened. They tell you why it matters. Every afternoon.

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What Do You Need To Know About Omicron? Biden Says Be Concerned But Don't Panic

Nov 29 • 14:18
A new Covid-19 variant called Omicron is spreading throughout the world and public health officials are worried about its transmissibility. President Biden addressed the nation saying, "this variant is a cause for concern — not a cause for panic." But the variant is reigniting anxieties about the pandemic.

This episode: White House Correspondent Tamara Keith, White House co...

The Docket: What Is Executive Privilege And What Are Its Limits?

Nov 26 • 18:08
In order to resist a congressional investigation into the January 6th insurrection, former President Trump and his associates are claiming executive privilege. They say the communication between a president and his advisers should remain confidential. Congress says it wants to get to the bottom of what the president knew. So where does executive privilege come from, and do...

Remembering NPR Political Reporter Cokie Roberts

Nov 25 • 14:58
Cokie Roberts was one of NPR's "Founding Mothers," a pioneering journalist whose career blazed a trail for generations of women at the network. NPR's Tamara Keith and Nina Totenberg talk to Cokie's husband Steve Roberts about the ways in which she was also a role model in her personal life. Steve Roberts new book about his wife is Cokie: A Life Well Lived.


Weekly Roundup: November 24th

Nov 24 • 25:49
Though it has grown more popular with time, the Affordable Care Act was widely disliked by the public in 2010 and cost Democrats dearly in the midterms. Democrats failed to successfully explain the legislation's benefits in the face of Republican attacks. Could Biden's infrastructure plan and, should it pass, social programs bill face the same fate?

And the investigation in...

America's Other Public Health Crisis: 100,000 Overdose Deaths

Nov 23 • 13:25
More than 100,000 people died from a drug overdose in the 12-month period beginning April 2020. Despite a growing consensus that recognizes addiction as a public health problem, many effective interventions like safe consumption sites and needle exchanges are politically unpopular and legally complex.

This episode: White House correspondent Tamara Keith, senior political ed...

Yes, COVID-19 Cases Are Up. No, It's Not A Repeat Of Last Year.

Nov 22 • 14:25
COVID-19 case numbers are once again rising in the United States ahead of the holiday season, but the country is in a much different place than it was this time last year.

Fifty-nine percent of the country is now fully-vaccinated, and tests are widely available. Mandates, including one that took effect today for federal workers, are expected to spur more people to get vacci...

Weekly Roundup: November 19th

Nov 19 • 28:39
The two-trillion dollar package still needs to pass the Senate, where it is expected to undergo extensive changes. Also, a look at what issues are dominating campaigns in a central Virginia swing district.

This episode: White House correspondent Tamara Keith, senior political editor and correspondent Domenico Montanaro, congressional producer Barbara Sprunt, and congression...

Leaders of Canada And Mexico Visit Washington To Talk COVID, Trade, And Migration

Nov 18 • 14:43
The summit comes after a five-year hiatus spanning the Trump administration. Despite the nations' strong relationship, disagreements over sensitive political issues have sometimes led to heightened tensions.

This episode: White House correspondent Asma Khalid, White House correspondent Franco Ordoñez, and international correspondent Carrie Kahn.

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Democrats Say They Have A Plan To Overcome 2022 Headwinds

Nov 17 • 14:48
Democrats say they will prioritize sustained outreach to communities of color and clear messages about how they think they have improved people's lives. But, if history is any guide, there is plenty of reason for skepticism.

This episode: White House correspondent Asma Khalid, political correspondent Juana Summers, and congressional correspondent Kelsey Snell.|


US-China Summit May Have Lowered The Temperature, But The Tough Issues Remain

Nov 16 • 14:18
President Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping met for a video summit this week. Both governments lauded the call as productive, but the economic and human rights issues driving tension between the two great powers are likely to persist for years.

This episode: White House corrspondent Tamara Keith, White House correspondent Franco Ordoñez, and China correspondent John Ruwit...

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