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Hosted by David Wright, a former actuary and reinsurance broker, now a technology executive. Not Unreasonable brings you interviews covering management, analytics, sales and economics interpreted through David's insurance and reinsurance background. Subscribe in iTunes, stitcher, or by rss feed.Read more

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David Zuby on Crash Test Dummies

Nov 6 • 36:10

David Zuby is executive vice president and chief research officer for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and also a worldwide expert on crash test dummies! I found myself in an amazingly interesting conversation with David out in the field and pulled out my smartphone to capture it!
In this quick chat we discuss:
* the production economy of crash test dummies
* what t...

Scott Sumner on Monetary Policy

Oct 31 • 01:13:28

Scott Sumner is the Ralph G. Hawtrey Chair of Monetary Policy at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and blogger at and econlog and author of two books: The Midas Paradox and more recently, The Money Illusion. 
Scott came to prominence because his work on the Great Depression (published in Midas Paradox) gave him analytical superpowers for un...

Craig Hupper on ESG

Oct 25 • 01:29:40

Craig is Head of ESG for Trans Re, a global reinsurance company and in this episode we dig into what ESG is about generally and what role reinsurers and the insurance industry plays today. In the episode we cover:
* Is Trans doing this for the good of society or just to raise rates?
* Is it just about catastrophe business?
* Does it just mean you'll make more money on non-ESG...

Joe Henrich on Cultural Evolution

Oct 4 • 01:00:50

Joe Henrich is Professor and Chair of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University. He has written two books that have been incredibly eye-opening for me: The Secret of Our Success and the WEIRDest People in the World. Joe has put cultural evolution on the map as the best way for understanding why the world looks the way it does today. 
In the interview we cover:
-How cult...

Mahbod Moghadam on Controversy

Sep 20 • 01:03:57

Mahbod Moghadam is the co-founder of Genius (formerly Rap Genius), co-founder of, and co-founder of
My words but Mahbod helped build Genius by being a controversial guy online. Controversy does not make you universally loved and Mahbod has "had beef" with a whole slew of who's who in the tech business. Some of it was real, some of it was show, all ...

Uwe Dulleck on Credence Goods

Sep 7 • 01:00:02

Uwe Dulleck is a leading theorist on Credence Goods, a class of economic good defined by the fact that consumers can't verify the quality of what they've bought. Think car mechanics or medical procedures. Or insurance!
Uwe's expertise doesn't end there of course and we talk about why people pay taxes, cybersecurity and some interesting ways Uwe has innovated on connecting a...

Bryan Caplan on the Myth of the Rational Voter

Jul 18 • 59:19

Bryan Caplan is Professor of Economics at George Mason University and for Bryan's second appearance we're talking about how voters aren't all they're cracked up to be in terms of their ability to generate good electoral outcomes. I have two interests in this work for Bryan. First, it's pretty helpful to have a sober literature-backed investigation into voter behavior in an...

Jessica Leong on Who Actuaries Are

Jun 21 • 46:47

Jessica Leong is the President of the Casualty Actuarial Society and the Lead Data Scientist at Zurich North America.
Jessica used her conversational Jiu Jitsu powers to make me talk a fair bit more than usual in this episode and it turns out I had some things to get off my chest about being an actuary!
We discuss:
-How do we define what an actuary is. There are different way...

Steve Mildenhall on Insurance History Part 2

May 12 • 47:17

Steve Mildenhall returns to talk insurance history! Int his follow up to our earlier episode we dig even deeper into data by different line of business and observe all kinds of interesting things:
- which classes have more premium than claims volatility
- statistical vs narrative analysis
- how well can claims be forecast with prices?
- how did the industry do?
- which lines ar...

Doug Hubbard on How to Measure Anything

Apr 30 • 01:03:35

Doug Hubbard is the author of several books and I've read two: *How to Measure Anything* and *The Failure of Risk Management*. I can honestly say that one of my career goals is to implement his methodology into my job today and everything I do in the future. Here's an incomplete list of wow realizations that I had reading Doug:

That you can overcome cognitive bias in estima...

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