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And we are The Non-Prophets!... airing on the first and third Sunday of every month, starting at 3:00 PM Central (01:30-03:00 UTC) on our Youtube channel: The Non-Prophets focuses on atheism and the separation of church and state.

Popular episodes

The Non-Prophets 20.48 11-28-2021 Cynthia McDonald, The Afro Humanist, Jena Miyu, and Malty

Nov 28 • 01:18:39
This week on The Non-Prophets, Cynthia, Jena and Malty welcome a new guest to the show, The Afro Humanist, on a series of topical news from the motherland where the state of Nigeria open delegations with Egypt to combat religious extremism. At the top of the show, we have an NP Update on Ex-Bishop Novell. He has found new employment.. as a “farmer” of sorts. Eyewitness ac...

The Non-Prophets 20.47 11-21-2021 Johnny P Angel, Cindy Plaza, Nate Smith, and Teo El Ateo

Nov 25 • 01:12:05

The Non-Prophets 20.46 11-14-2021 with Cynthia McDonald, Richard Gilliver, and Arden Hart

Nov 15 • 01:19:12
Episode Title: When Money Masters and Ball Players Don’t Play Fair, The Non-Prophets 20.46

The Non-Prophets, Episode 20.46 airing Sunday, November 14th featuring Cynthia McDonald, Richard Gilliver and Arden Hart

This week on The Non-Prophets, Cynthia, Richard and Arden talk about Aaron Rodgers and his “homeopathic” vaccine substitute along with Kyrie Irving and his NBA anti-...

The Non-Prophets 20.45 11-07-2021 Nate Smith, Puck, Teo El Ateo, and Secular Rarity

Nov 7 • 01:21:35
This episode is truly LIT! Nate Smith leads the show, Mateo and Secular Rarity argue over best hair, and Puck returns to the Non-Prophets’ hosting seat. The panel opens up a talk on recent news out of Ghana where the Archbishop of Canterbury criticizes a proposed bill encouraging increased penalties against the LGBT community. Special NP Recap involving more instances of A...

The Non-Prophets 20.44 10-27-2021 Cynthia McDonald, August, Neil the 604 Atheist and Jason Sherwood

Oct 31 • 01:12:56

The Non-Prophets 20.43 2021-10-20 Malty, Genevieve, Richard Gilliver, and Laura MaGee

Oct 24 • 01:16:48
The Non-Prophets, Episode 20.43 airing Sunday, October 24th featuring Malty, Laura Magee, Richard Gilliver, and guest host Genevieve, co-host of “That GD Show.”

It’s been 1 year since the renewal of The Non-Prophets! On this Anniversary Show, Malty, Laura Magee and Richard Gilliver are joined by co-host of “That GD Show” Genevieve discussing new developments from the gun-l...

The Non-Prophets 20.42 2021-10-17 with Laura Magee, Nate Smith, and Teo el Ateo

Oct 17 • 01:17:57
Oh my not-a-god, people! I am so fired up for this week’s show! Did you know that we are a Christian nation?? Yeah, I didn’t either, but according to NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, we are. So...there you are. If you are as shocked as the rest of us Non’s were, join us on Sunday at 3pm Central as we discuss Mark Robinson’s revelations. We also get into the heavy discussions of ...

The Non-Prophets 20.41 2021-10-10 Johnny P Angel, Scott Dickie, Mateo, and Richard Gilliver

Oct 10 • 01:17:05
The Non-Prophets, Episode 20.41 airing Sunday, October 10th featuring Johnny P. Angel, Mateo “Teo El Ateo” Montero, NP Intimate: Richard Gilliver, and guest host Scott Dickie.

Covering the possible reduction of islamophobia in the UK by increasing Celebrity exposure. A leaked document about Top Republicans interactions with extremist groups. How Iceland likes Thor more tha...

The Non-Prophets 20.40 2021-10-03 Laura Magee, ExXtianErin, Jena Miyu, and Nate Smith

Oct 4 • 01:26:25
The Non-Prophets, Episode 20.40 airing Sunday, October 3rd featuring Laura Magee, Jena Miyu, Nate Smith, and ExXtianErin.

Summary -

On this week’s episode ExXtianErin joins Laura, Jena and Nate for ninety minutes of impressions, laffs and outrage over Kenneth Copeland, One Angry Mom, more news over abortion in Texas and how being non-religious may be good for you!


The Non-Prophets 20.38 2021-09-15 Cynthia McDonald, Mandisa Thomas, Malty, and Kenneth Leonard

Sep 19 • 01:24:26
Hollywood is attempting to rally its community to boycott Texas in protest of new abortion law and the Satanic Temple is following suit. Mexico steps in the right direction by finally decriminalizing abortion despite being the second largest catholic country in the world (maybe TX can learn from their example). And Candice Owens is served up a plate of poetic justice being...

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